The best pressure washer: buying guide

Best electric pressure washer

The pressure washer is a handy and versatile tool used in various circumstances to quickly and thoroughly clean the garden, Best electric pressure washer the terrace, the car, and all those places where dirt accumulates and is difficult to eliminate. In practice, it can be used a pressure washer to clean any solid surface.

There are different types on the market, and it is not always easy to choose the right one for your needs. To help you choose the right one, here is a handy buying guide and a ranking of the best pressure washers of 2021.

What is a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is less sophisticated than it looks. It is a pump powered by an electric or petrol engine that sucks water from a tap or a tank. The pump accelerates it to high pressure, then expels it from a hose at high speed through a gun-lance. You can mount various other accessories on the end of the hose to clean different surfaces and things.

Types of pressure washers

The market offers many types of pressure washers, from professional ones to those for domestic use. Professional pressure washers are more performing, have higher power, and can work at higher pressure; sometimes, they use an internal combustion engine. Of course, they are large, heavy, and above all expensive, therefore suitable for the use that goes beyond washing the car or the driveway.

The standard or domestic pressure washers instead are smaller, more economical, and more transportable. Usually, they use electric motors and thus have less power and less pressure on the water jet. They are suitable for less demanding use such as cleaning the car, outdoor floors, and any other word that comes to mind. Among the ranges, we also find the semi-professional high-pressure washers, which can mount petrol or electric motors, which provide intermediate powers between professional and domestic models.

Another essential feature of a pressure washer is producing hot water before being expelled under pressure. The heat of the water contributes to more excellent cleaning as it can better dissolve the dirt. Effectiveness is also enhanced by the possibility of adding detergent to the tank.

How to choose a pressure washer

What you need to know when buying a pressure washer is first to define what use you will make of it. Knowing in advance what you will do with the pressure washer will avoid many problems and wrong purchases.

If you need a pressure washer now and then clean the car and maybe a tiny brick outside, a low-cost and straightforward model is probably e most suitable tool.

However, ifsupposeou need a more versatile and powerful professional pressure washer, with adjustable pressure, with hot water to clean large surfaces. In that case, you will need to invest a little more to make sure you have a product that matches your expectations. Those used to reading technical data and datasheets can quickly understand the characteristics of a device from the specifications of the individual pressure washers.

For those who do not understand, How to save money it can be challenging to understand what the specifications mean. Still, from our checks, we have found that basically a few things matter: the engine power (and therefore the pressure) measured in bars, if it also produces hot water, and the length of the tube.

So before you buy, think about how you will use it and that the specs are adequate and good enough for what you need and buy the best pressure washer you can afford.

If you are buying your first pressure washer, you will probably want to start with an electric one;

Once you are comfortable enough and want a better performing product take a look at gasoline pressure washers, but for now, let’s take a look at the best electric pressure washers on the market.

The best pressure washer

Deciding the best pressure washers of 2020 was not easy. The market offers many excellent models. So we have selected the most popular ones that meet specific evaluation criteria. Such as the quality/price ratio. The power generated. And other specifications to help in the choice of ” pressure washer. More suitable for different needs. The best according to this yardstick is:

Karcher K5 Premium

The robust design of the Karcher K5 makes it one of the best models of semi-professional electric pressure washers that we have analyzed. It is equipped with a 2.1 kW water-cooled electric motor, which ensures long-term performance in terms of operating life.

The Karcher K5 can deliver up to forty times the power of a standard garden hose, 145 bar, and a maximum flow rate of 500 l / h, but can also produce the. Still, it is a spray jet of a canister, a versatility that allows it to be. This versatility allows you to focus on any dirt, any surface with powerful and precise water flows.

The sturdy and compact design of the pump makes it sturdy and easy to store, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking or taking up space if you don’t need to use it for a while.

Karcher K5 is equipped with numerous accessories such as a complete control high-pressure gun, an 8-meter high-pressure hose, a Vario Power complete control lance, full control dirt nozzle, T 350 surface washer, and 1 liter of detergent.

The electric motor has an integrated water cooling system to improve performance and durability. At the top, there is an easy-access reservoir for the cleaning liquid with its flow regulator, giving you more control over how much you want to apply. on surfaces.

The best economic pressure washer

If you need an economical pressure washer without too many pretensions, aspects such as construction quality, the materials used, and adequate performance despite the low cost must evaluate. Best electric pressure washer Among those analyzed, we selected the one that seemed to have the best quality/price ratio.

Karcher K2

If you are looking for an economical but efficient pressure washer, the Karcher K2 is your best bet. The low cost does not affect the construction quality and the materials used. The performance does not guarantee the same performance as the more expensive models. The pressure limit to 110 bar and a maximum flow rate of 360 l / h, which still offers decent results … just a bit more time. It’s a well-crafted unit, and the lightweight design makes it a perfect model to drag around in the garden or while cleaning your car, not least because portability helps compensate for the relatively short 4-meter hose.

Karcher K2 is light and easy-to-handle pressure washer, thanks to its weight of just over 4 kg, with a practical rear compartment for accessories. Ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars, balconies, Best electric pressure washer terraces, garden furniture, and much more …

It comes with a flat jet lance and a unique “dirt eater” nozzle.

The best professional pressure washer

The prerogative of a professional pressure washer is to have better versatility and greater adjustable power, wallowing to work on large surfaces, usually to obtain greater power. Internal combustion engines use require more robust structures and wheels to bear the weight. For construction quality and generated power, the professional pressure washer that has convinced us the most is the:

Annovi Reverberi AR 1445 with an internal combustion engine

The Annovi Reverberi AR 1445 pressure washer is a professional product integrated by a 7 HP four-stroke petrol engine, with recoil start, single-cylinder, and technology to ensure long life and low fuel consumption. How to make candles This pressure washer is the ideal solution for cleaning the agricultural, construction, and household sectors with high performance. With its low weight and size, it has been designed for professional use.

AR 1445 Annovi Reverberi mounts a high-performance water pump. With brass head and anti-corrosion quality materials. Offering long life and ease of maintenance. It can use in addition to normal machinery cleaning operations. Also for sandblasting and cleaning of external walls. Best electric pressure washer And the removal of old encrustations and mortars and can solve situations in which we do not have electricity.

It is mounted on an aluminum structure equipped with two large rubber tread wheels, an ergonomic handle, and two anti-vibration feet, allowing the machine to be moved with extreme ease.

Supplied with a professional high-pressure gun, a lance with nozzle holder with four nozzles, 8-meter high-pressure hose, spark plug wrench, water inlet filter.

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The best semi-professional washer

How do you choose a semi-professional pressure washer that is the best and caused for outdoor floors? Here, too, the characteristics such as power, variable jet, accessories, but above all, it must be able to support essential workloads are valid as points of advantage. Let’s see which one we have selected.

Comet KL 1600 Gold Extra

Comet KL 1600 Gold Extra is a pressure washer with an induction motor. It does not fear the hours of uninterrupted work, which guarantees very high reliability. It does not have to wear parts such as graphite brushes. And can withstand even peaks and the overload phases typical. Of the start/stop of high-pressure washers.

In addition to the powerful induction motor. Which indicates the highest quality. The KL 1600 is one of the few pressure washers. In this category with a brass pump head. This feature makes the KL 1600 one of the best entry-level. Pressure washers on the market and a very high quality/price ratio. As standard equipment. It has a high-pressure gun. Foam lance. Best electric pressure washer Carwash brush. 8-meter high-pressure hose. Lance with rotating nozzle. Variable Jet lance.

The best economic hot water washer

Not all pressure washers on the market structure use incoming hot water. Especially if we are talking about low-cost devices. So finding them and choosing the best one is no small feat. Among these. Best electric pressure washer We can mention as best the:

Annovi Reverberi 475 AR

Annovi Reverberi 475AR is an economical but performing pressure washer. And is definitely up to the best models on the market. The electric motor generates 2000 Watts. Of power and a flow rate of 480 l / h. Which is more than enough for domestic use. Th3 axial pistons generate the power tempered stainless steel. An efficient aluminum pump to receive water up to 50 ° C and pressurize it up to 160 bar.

Included is an accessory holder with a removable nozzle holder. Hook to support the cable. The floor cleaning lance. The gun with quick release. The rotating nozzle. The adjustable jet nozzle. The patio cleaner floor cleaning lance, and the nozzle holder hose.

The best professional hot water pressure washer

Professional hot water pressure washers differ from domestic ones. The power and performance for the autonomous production of hot water are usually equipped with an electric or fuel-powered instant boiler. What we believe respects a good quality/price ratio and:

Labor XTR 1007

Among the most compact hot water pressure washers available on the market, Lavor XTR 1007, of Italian manufacture, has an instant vertical diesel boiler that heats the water to a maximum of 80 ° C. On the control panel, the two switches allow you to select cold water or hot water according to your needs; Heat pump dryer the diesel tank and the detergent tank incorporated in the machine, which is completed by the accessory compartment. Small size, easy handling, and modern design distinguish this product that offers outstanding performance. Among the various adjustments, it is possible to act on the burner adjustment for optimized combustion.

It has an auxiliary motor for boiler ventilation and an axial pump, aluminum head with three high-strength steel pistons.

Labor XTR 1007 equips with a gun with an M22 brass connection. A high low-pressure adjustable jet lance with the brass connection. An 8 meter reinforced metal mesh hose.



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