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The 10 Best Home Exercise Bikes to Keep Fit

Used both by professional cyclists and those who want to maintain their physical shape, those who have to recover from injuries, and the elderly with walking difficulties, the exercise bike has always been one of the most used tools for home fitness.

Thanks to the multiple uses and purposes for which it lends itself, the exercise bike is one of the best purchases to make if you don’t have time to go to the gym or to train at home, or more simply, to do some sporting activity in front of your TV program or listening to music without being disturbed.

For a correct choice of which exercise bike to buy, the first parameters to be evaluated, being a home tool, are the size and weight, easy to transport from one room to another, or stored after use. In this sense, stationary bikes are divided into two main groups: folding bikes and stationary bikes.

Other important technical aspects are the weight of the flywheel (the heavier it is, the more stable it is), the transmission system (if it is belt-driven, it is quieter and requires maintenance), and the type of braking system (manual or computerized), parameters that give to the tool greater strength and fluidity in movement.

Adjustable saddle, non-slip pedals, and preset training programs, together with on-board computer and support for the various fitness apps, are finally the features that make training more enjoyable and customizable. 

Below are the best home exercise bikes with the best value for money, selected and recommended for purchase, relative prices, and prominent technical characteristics. 

The best home exercise bikes 2021

  1. Sportstech X100

The Sportstech X100 is the best space-saving folding exercise bike for use at home or in the apartment, an excellent value for money combination, and ideal for most home users.

It is, in fact, a  folding exercise bike with a minimum footprint area of  48×45 cm, with a somewhat particular look given by its tubular X-shaped structure, which makes it an exercise bike suitable for demanding but not excessively intense workouts, as it tends to high RPM a little to sway.

The flywheel has a good weight of 4 kg, the transmission is a toothed belt, and the silent braking system is magnetic. At the same time, the resistance can be adjusted manually via a knob located under the display.

The console is simple but provides complete training data: time, calories, distance, speed, and HR, measured by accurate handheld sensors. Tablet support is integrated for those who are bored or want to do multiple activities simultaneously.

In addition, there are side elastic bands to train the upper body as well, just as you pedal.

In conclusion, we are faced with a light exercise bike (17.5 kg) that takes up little space and easy to transport, with non-slip pedals, adjustable backrest, and saddle, characteristics that make it a helpful model also for those with walking problems or even for home trainers and physiotherapists.

  1. Sportstech ESX500

The Sportstech ESX500 exercise bike is the best choice for those looking for functionality and design, and technological innovation in a home gym.

The Sportstech ESX500 is, in fact, the best modern multifunctional exercise bike for weight loss and cardio training at home, complete with Bluetooth technology and virtual paths.

Let’s start by talking about the line, very simple and refined, suitable for those who have space and do not need to store it, although it can be moved thanks to unique wheels.

Equipped with an adjustable seat, it is customizable, and the non-slip pedals also adjustable with the powerful structure, give stability during the most intense workouts.

The belt transmission system and the 12 kg flywheel give a smooth and silent movement while the resistance is adjusted via the display on 16 different intensity levels.

It has a console with an integrated Kinomap fitness app and tablet or smartphone support. You can make your workout interactive by listening to music, watching videos, or even using Google Maps and Street View with the feeling of being outdoors.

All the parameters to be monitored can be viewed on the 5.5 “on-board computer: time, speed, power (expressed in Watts), distance, calories, and the program chosen from among the many proposed, as well as the HR measurable through sensors on the handlebars or a specific chest strap for a more precise value.

The Sportstech ESX500 is a high-end home exercise bike that even the most demanding will surely appreciate.

  1. Capital Sports Azura X2

Among the best folding exercise bikes for weight loss at home is the Capital Sports Azura X2, easy to assemble and not bulky, suitable for people under 100 kg who want to burn calories and improve fitness.

The Capital Sports Azura X2 model is a simple exercise bike. It can be assembled in about 30 minutes (first assembly) and is equipped with manual intensity adjustment and eight levels of pedaling hardness.

The onboard computer provides information on time, calories, speed, and distance traveled to monitor training data.

The possibility of positioning it in two positions is to have the distance between the saddle and the handlebar closer or less. The seat is quite comfortable, and the backrest offers some support even for those who prefer to use the exercise bike without resting their hands on the handlebars.

Once the training is finished, you can fold it in space-saving mode, and thanks to the small moving wheels at the base, you can move it at will. Therefore, the weight is not exaggerated and is therefore recommended for those who want to move and fold it without effort.

  1. Klarfit Azura Plus

The Klarfit Azura Plus is a 3-in-1 exercise bike that can be used in two positions, as a classic exercise bike or in a horizontal position, with handlebars also on the sides of the seat and the front one.  Best home gym It is comfortable for those looking for a tool for the whole body because it also offers integrated elastic bands to train the arms.

The pedaling mechanism is composed of the MagResist system, with resistance control on eight levels, to be operated manually through a knob on the frame. Movement is fluid and silent.

There is a convenient holder for the tablets as not to give up entertainment while exercising. If you download the SmartCardio Studio app, you can use the tablet’s front camera to recognize head movements and explore virtual paths.

The build quality is outstanding. Even if it is a folding exercise bike, we find that the frame is sturdy and well-balanced.

  1. Klarfit Myon Cycle

The Klarfit Myon Cycle exercise bike is a quality proposition. For those who want to use the tablet at a handsome price while exercising at home.

In fact, by downloading the Kinomap app. We will be able to synchronize the exercise bike with the screen. And access the choice of virtual routes of all kinds. To make training much more exciting and fun.

The flywheel mass is excellent. And there are eight different levels of magnetic resistance managed by the MagResist system. Without friction and with remarkable fluidity of movement. The exercise bike is also extremely quiet during use.

There are sensors for reading the heart rate on the handlebar. So that you have the beat displayed on the screen along with other essential information.

Despite being a light exercise bike. The structure is still sturdy. And the construction materials are of quality. With a steel frame. The pedals are non-slip. The saddle is widely adjustable in height. And transport wheels move it comfortably when needed.

  1. Capital Sports Duratec X77

The Capital Sports X77 durations exercise bike is advanced. Home bike recommended for those who want to use. Pre-set HRC and THR training programs.

The exercise bike has a total of nine, plus a random and personalized program. With the HRC type program, the training set is based on the heart rate (measured by the sensors on the handlebar), while with the THR program, the achievement of the target heart rate is set.

If more people in the house use the exercise bike, with Capital Sports habitually, you can set 4 different user profiles.

The saddle height is adjustable, the pedals are non-slip, and the build quality is excellent. During use, it is also hushed.

The eight resistance levels are adjustable via the onboard computer. On the frame, we also find a convenient bottle holder.

To move the tool, fold the frame forward and use the transport wheels.

  1. Sportplus S-Bike SP-HT-1003: Best exercise bike

Usually, when we talk about exercise bikes for the elderly, we think of a heavy, safe, and cheap home tool whose simplicity is at the expense of materials and design.

With the S-Bike SP-HT-1003, we are instead faced with a well-made ergonomic exercise bike, with pleasant lines, versatile and stable despite its 1.5 kg flywheel, representing a limit only for those who train intensely.

It takes up little space, and the pedaling is fluid and silent thanks to a magnetic braking system. The workouts are customizable through 8 resistance levels regulated by a knob placed under the console.

The onboard computer is small but complete. The main parameters displayed: time, calories, speed, distance, and heart rate (measurable with Hand Pulse sensors on the handles) can be monitored on the console only one at a time using the scan button.

However, this is not a problem for those who are more technological. There is comfortable support for tablets or smartphones for training sessions accompanied by music, entertainment, or videos.

Non-slip pedals guarantee safety and comfort with strap, ergonomic and adjustable seat with backrest and side handles. High protein foods These features, combined with lightness and compactness, make this Sport plus an ideal home exercise bike for physiotherapy or the elderly who want to be independent.

  1. Ultrasport F-Bike 200BS Advanced: Best exercise bike

The Ultrasport F-Bike 200BS Advanced is a manageable home bike. Thanks to the X tubular structure and its weight. Which allows it to be used by a wide range. Of users without help to close or move it.

The flywheel is light and therefore not suitable. For high-intensity training. Despite the stability and fluidity of the pedaling. Given by the excellent structure and magnetic resistance. Manually adjustable using a knob on eight different levels.

The LCD shows the essential data. In line with the exercise bikes in this price range. time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate, Detectable thanks to Hand Pulse sensors on the handlebar. For those who get bored quickly. Or want to play an interactive and fun session. There is still support for tablets or smartphones. And an application is also included.

It is also equipped with elastic bands for performing exercises for the arms and legs. Whose tension can be adjusted using a pin on the home bike? Being a very safe exercise bike with non-slip pedals. An adjustable seat. And a comfortable backrest. It is ideal for all who want to keep fit independently.

  1. AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike: Best exercise bike

Are you looking for a home exercise bike suitable for the needs of the whole family? The Ativafit Indoor Cycling Bike is the ideal solution. A multifaceted tool that can be used both by those who want to keep fit. Both by those who want to lose weight. And the elderly and disabled.

Its versatility is given because. It quickly transforms. With a handle from an upright bike to a recline. Complete with adjustable elastic bands to train. The whole body at the same time.

On the other hand. There is nothing new regarding the display. The main parameters, time, distance, calories, speed, and heart rate with handheld detection, are displayed alternately on a small monitor.

As with almost all exercise bikes in this range. There is also tablet support. Should it be necessary to monitor more data? Through the leading apps or make the training session more enjoyable.

The ergonomic seat is equipped. With side handlebars and a backrest. Non-slip pedals. Adjustable straps. Wheels to move it. Best electric pressure washer And the quality of the materials gives all the safety. And comfort you need even in the case of recovery. From injuries. Or difficulties walking.

  1. Ultrasport F-Bike: Best exercise bike

The Ultrasport F-Bike is ideal. Indoor exercise bike. To meet the demands of those. Who have small spaces? And want to keep fit at home. Without spending too much.

Despite being in the economic price range. It has everything you need to consider a quality folding exercise bike. Certainly, the vital point is given by practicality. With which it can use anywhere. And then stored either in the wardrobe or under the bed.

The flywheel is light. As with all folding home bicycles. And does not give stability only in the most intense workouts. The magnetic resistance system on eight manual. Levels together with the construction materials. The non-slip pedals. And the ergonomic and adjustable seat make the F-bike comfortable. Safe and functional tool.

The training data. time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate, are visible one at a time from a small display on which, however, there is a tablet support for those who want to connect to the internet to have more fun.

In conclusion, the Sportplus F-bike is a home bike suitable for anyone who wants to keep fit in their room with all the comforts of a home workout.

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