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Memory Foam Mattress – How to Choose the Best Models of 2021,

In this guide, we explain how to choose the best memory foam mattress for your needs. Although many don’t know it, memory foam is a patented material by none other than NASA. The well-known US agency designed this particular material to solve the problems of astronauts related to Earth’s gravity. The memory was such a resounding success that many mattress companies began asking NASA for permission to use it. Then, over the years and with the drop in prices, memory foam mattresses began to be affordable for everyone. Today we will focus on currency items when it comes time to pick one.

Features Memory Foam mattresses

Before understanding how to choose a memory foam mattress, it is essential to explain its structure and main properties.

It begins by saying that memory is a particular type of polyurethane foam with truly exceptional ergonomic capabilities. Its main feature is that it can adapt to the user’s body. Distribute its weight. And support every single pressure point. In other words, no mattress in the world is so healthy for the back, for the spine, and nighttime relaxation. Then, when you get up. The foam resets itself and returns to its original shape. In the absence of weight and body heat.

Thermosensitivity is the main feature of polyurethane foam mattresses. As it is the element that makes it possible to enjoy. The benefits seen above. This is because the mattress can absorb the heat of the body. And then model itself according to the shapes. Of those who are using it at that time. By doing so. It relieves the various pressure points. On which the body rests. Supporting it and at the same time. Allowing the muscles to relax completely.

Another advantage is that the memory adapts to any position. So those who tend to move at night. Will enjoy great benefits. If you also suffer from nighttime pains. And discomfort related to this type of habit. With a memory foam mattress. You will magically see them disappear.

Here it must be remembered that all these benefits guarantee. By thermosensitivity. that is the ability of the material. To change thanks to the action of heat.

How To Choose Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to comfort. An essential key touch because. It is by no means certain that a memory mattress can ensure. The highest level of comfort. This depends on various factors, such as the height of the model. And the breathability of the material used. The density of the foam also plays. A vital role in this sense. As well as the treatments. And the proof was given by the presence. Of a recognized certification. For these reasons, it is necessary to review each of the elements mentioned individually to understand how to make a comfortable and quality choice.


First, you need to consider that modern memory mattresses are often made by overlapping several layers of this material. Depending on the number of layers present, things change and not just a little. Specifically, the higher the number of layers in the mattress, the more the thickness increases and the mattress’s higher performance. In other words, if you want to bring a natural quality polyurethane foam mattress into your bedroom, you will need to measure its height first. Our advice is to choose a product that is at least 20 centimeters high, even better if the height reaches 24 or 25 centimeters. However, it is clear that choosing a very high mattress also means spending more money.

Breathability and materials

The discussion on breathability is directly linked to the quality and type of material used in that precise memory mattress. The reason is to be found that the foam is not said to be the same used for the others because it can have different degrees of breathability. Not surprisingly, the best mattresses all use a type of foam called open cellulation, which guarantees the maximum possible passage of air. There is talk of types of memory known because they are particularly porous, always preferable to others.

If you choose a little porous memory, body heat will make your mattress a sort of furnace, making you suffer in the summer. In addition, the mattress will not be able to absorb much of the body’s moisture, making things worse. Consider that on the market, it is possible to find the latest generation memory foams such as Breeze, which has a level of breathability up to 50 times higher if compared with ordinary memory polyurethane.

Foam density

Don’t be fooled by thickness because density also counts, an element that you will always have to study before making your purchase. This value is measured in kg / m3, kilograms per cubic meters, and indicates the resistance of the mattress and, therefore, its duration over time. We suggest you always choose a memory mattress with at least a density of 40 kg / m3. Consider that, Best exercise bike even if you spend more, in reality, it will not be an additional cost but a real investment. By buying a mattress with a high density, in fact, not only will you be more comfortable, but you will have the certainty that it will last you for many years.

Treatments and certification

Memory foam is a material whose foam is subjected to various chemical treatments because we are not talking about a product present in nature. However, these are 100% safe products and hypoallergenic, anti-mite, anti-mold, and antibacterial. On the other hand, you should still know that not all treatments may prove reliable, and here the type of certification that accompanies that mattress always comes into play.

It is essential to buy a complement with a recognized certification, such as Certipur. By doing so, you will be sure that you have bought a mattress with memory foam treated with non-harmful agents. Secondly, this is also an eco-friendly choice, as certified treatments do not harm nature and the planet because they do not produce large quantities of pollutants. In addition, a certified mattress uses water-based and non-chemical glues.

Number of Layers

As mentioned above, a mattress may have been made with a single layer or by overlapping several. There is only the first support in polyurethane foam in the first case, while in the second case, there are other layers. When a memory mattress is multi-layered, it allows for greater progressive acceptance. This means that the foam that composes it is softer in the outer layer, while it gradually becomes more rigid in the other layers. In other words, progressive acceptance is a system that guarantees several advantages. Firstly, better body support, along with higher comfort and gentler support of pressure points.

It should be emphasized that a memory foam mattress can also have external layers of different materials, such as micro-perforated latex. This presentation aims to make the sleep phase more comfortable, and the reason is that some people find the memory annoying because it almost feels like sleeping on quicksand. It turns out to be an entirely subjective thought, but to be respected, and it turns out that this is why some companies have decided to produce mattresses with an outer layer in latex. All while keeping the properties of the memory foam intact, including breathability.

External Cladding

The external cladding is another element to consider.

From this point of view, it is essential to know that different materials can be used to cover a mattress externally. These include viscose, cotton, polyester, or other fibers.

Since memory foam tends to retain heat, a breathable band is often inserted to give the mattress more excellent freshness, i.e., a section made of very breathable materials that allow the mattress to be excellent.

When it comes to the external lining, handles to grab it and a removable and washable external lining are very useful.

Mattress Dimensions

Dimensions are an element to consider when choosing any mattress and therefore also memory ones.

In general, we can single out the following dimensions.

-Single. The mattress is suitable for one person as it measures 80 or 90 cm wide by 190 or 200 cm long. This type of mattress is also called a square.

-Matrimonial. Called a double mattress, it can accommodate two people and has a 160 or 170 cm width and a length of 190 or 200 cm.

-One and a half square. The dimensions are parts at 120 cm in width and approximately 190 in length.

-French way. The format provides 140 cm in width and about 190 cm in length.

-Mattresses made to measure—solution for those with special needs.


When we talk about lift, we refer to the degree of resistance that the mattress opposes to the user’s weight.

Depending on the degree of lift, mattresses can be classified into firm, medium-firm and soft.

The stiffness classes are generally the following

-H1. Soft mattress and recommended for people up to about 60 kg

-H2. Medium mattress suitable for people weighing between 60 and 80 kg

-H3. Hard mattresses recommend for people weighing over 80 kg.

However, it must say that some companies use a different classification, so it is always important to check.

Price Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to mattresses, saving money is never a bargain. Also, because of a costly mattress, in reality, it proves to be able to last even for 10 or 15 years. A poor-quality memory could last a lot shorter and would eventually force you to spend more money anyway, becoming inconvenient.

As for the prices, a lot depends on the height, quality of the materials, and the dimensions. High-quality certified mattresses can easily reach € 1,000 for the single, but it is still possible to find excellent options,  Best home gym even around € 400. Secondly, there are often offers that reduce the price of these accessories, thus making them more affordable in terms of cost.

Best Memory Mattresses Review

In this list, we point out the best memory foam mattresses available on the market.

Mentor Plasmatic MED 3D H26: Best memory foam mattress

If you’re looking for the best memory mattress around, chances are you’ve already found it, and it’s Mentor Plasmatic MED 3D H26. We are talking about a high-quality model sold at a price that is not excessive. First of all, it is necessary to praise the internal composition, given four layers of foam. These include the memory foam layer and the water foam, a foamed polyurethane material that resembles a sponge. The mattress boasts a central core of 23 centimeters thick, 10 of which are in memory.

Then it is necessary to move on to the coating. We are also quality—excellent lining, stretch and breathable fabric, and excellent composition, based on pure silver filaments. The presence of this metal gives the product interesting regulating properties, as far as body temperature is concerned. In addition, the lining also designs to combat foul odors. In terms of structure, it is necessary to underline four handles, which allow you to move this model with extreme ease.

Another aspect of being carefully evaluated is that relating to the measures. Mentor Plasmatic MED 3D H26 boasts a width of 1.6 meters and a length of 1.9 meters, so we are talking about an actual double mattress. The height, which is one of the essential elements, is equal to 26 centimeters, a very high value, which ensures total comfort. It continues with two elements such as hardness and ergonomics, also of excellent level. The bearing capacity of the mattress is equal to 100 kilos, with the presence of 11 distinct areas of differentiated lift. Mentor Plasmatic MED 3D H26 proves to be very comfortable and excellent for back support.

Materassimemory.eu Onda: Best memory foam mattress

If the previous mattress is too expensive for your pockets, and if you start from a slightly lower budget, we recommend that you invest it in Materassimemory. eu Onda. There is talk of a model characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price and knows how to assert itself anyway. The internal composition is reasonable, given a ViscoPur plate and honeycomb-type padding in foamed polyurethane. The memory foam plate has a thickness of 4 centimeters, not the maximum but still a more than acceptable value.

The judgment on the lining is also excellent, considering that the mattress has an elastic and breathable one. Also, in this case, there are pure silver fibers, together with aloe vera. We, therefore, speak of a model protected from mites, bad smells, and also antiallergic. On the other hand, the wool lining is not present, making it unsuitable for winter use, but it is not a severe shortcoming.

We arrive at measurements and dimensions, and here the Materassimemory. eu Onda model present in a double dress, therefore from 1.6 meters in width and 1.9 meters in length. In terms of height, considering the low price of the product, we have no complaints. However, this is 21 centimeters, standard for this price range. The lift is average, given that the mattress can tolerate up to 100 kilos of weight, while there seven different zones. In other words, Materassimemory. eu Onda offers a good level of comfort and support for the spine. Finally, there is an Oeko-Tex 100 certification.

Mattress Materassimemory.eu Top Air: Best memory foam mattress

The price of Materassimemory.eu Top Air is quite close to that of the model seen above but slightly lower. It is important to specify it because we face the best-selling memory mattress ever, precisely because of its low cost. There is no mention of the best model in circulation, but an overall positive evaluation still makes it a good choice. The internal composition includes the canonical memory sheet with a thickness of 5 centimeters, not too high but standard for this price range.

As for the external coating, Materassimemory.eu Top Air takes a small step forward compared to the internal composition. The credit goes to the presence of good quality stretch fabric, naturally breathable, even if devoid of elements

such as pure silver fibers. The carrying handle is very comfortable, excellent for moving the accessory with zero effort. The absolute spearhead of the Materassimemory.eu Top Air mattress is the dimensions, because, despite a low cost, we are talking about a double mattress, 160 centimeters by 190 centimeters. The judgment is then favorable due to the height of this memory foam mattress, capable of reaching 25 centimeters.

The lift is even higher than the models seen previously. Given that the Materassimemory eu Top Air model tolerates up to 110 kilograms. High protein foods There are also seven areas of differentiated support. And the structure also proves to be of quality in terms. Of support for the spine and comfort. In conclusion. Although it is not the best memory foam mattress. On the market. This product still proves to have several exciting qualities.

Baldiflex Plus Top Fresh: Best memory foam mattress

We have reached the end of our reviews on the best memory mattresses. And we have decided to close with the cheapest product. We are talking about Baldiflex Plus Top Fresh. A mattress with an internal structure divided into four layers. These include memory foam and water foam. Proving to be quite effective in retaining heat. Consequently, the Baldiflex Plus Top Fresh model can become a particularly. The recommended solution for people with cold symptoms. We arrive at the outer covering as permanently elastic and breathable. And which can order in silver or aloe vera fibers. Depending on your taste.

Of course, these choices raise the overall cost of the mattress and make it perfect for fighting bad smells and the presence of mites. The dimensions are the usual measures of a double mattress, 1.6 meters by 1.9 meters, while the height reaches 25 centimeters, which a positive thing gave the low price. Other elements to underline are the lift up to 110 kilograms, above the average for this cost range, and the excellent level of ergonomics.

However, we must conclude with some information that will help you understand the reason for our choice. Firstly, the package of the Baldiflex Plus Top Fresh memory mattress also includes two pillows. Best memory foam mattress Furthermore, as we have already anticipated, the company allows you to choose between three solutions in terms of coating, not only the silver fiber and aloe vera but also the maxi cool, designed for those looking for the highest level of freshness. . If you are starting from a tight budget, we consider this as the best economic solution you can find on the market.

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