Do we all need blue light goggles?

If you have no vision defects, you may have never heard of “blue light goggles?”. If on the other hand, you have recently gone to the optician to make or remake eyeglasses, the “anti blue light” treatment is probably one of those proposed for the new lenses.

It is something that has spread a lot in recent years, since we use computers, smartphones and devices with bright screens in general more frequently and continuously.

Do we all need blue light goggles? computer so much so that, even for those who see well, there are non-graduated glasses on the market made specifically to protect the eyes from blue light goggles: they are the so-called “computer glasses” or “anti-fatigue glasses”.

But are they really useful? And to what? How does blue light affect our health? We have tried to understand this and make an overview of the products that are online, verifying that what they promise to do has a scientific basis. They can actually be useful to someone, in some cases.                                                                                                         

What is blue light?

Light is that part of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye, with wavelengths between 380 and 780 nanometers. Depending on the wavelength it has different colors, lower for violet and blue, higher for yellow and red, and vice versa if instead we consider the frequency.

A higher frequency corresponds to a higher energy. Blue light goggle has a wavelength ranging from 400 to 495 nanometers and together with violet light is the closest (as you can guess) to ultraviolet, from which we protect ourselves with sunscreen and sunglasses. In addition to the sun – from which light of all frequencies comes to us, which is why it appears white – blue light is emitted by LED lamps and electronic screens.

Is blue light from electronic devices bad for your eyes?

The short answer is: not that we know.

If you are a person who spends many hours a day in front of the computer, you may have suffered from something called “computer vision syndrome” .Do we all need blue light goggles? Symptoms are eyestrain, dryness and irritation of the eyes, sometimes headache, neck pain and tiredness.

The reason this happens is that when we work in front of a computer screen our eye muscles make a lot of effort for an extended time. 

But it’s no different than what they do when we read a book for many hours, for example. For this , ophthalmologists always recommend following the so-called “20-20-20 rule”, that is to make it a habit to look up from the computer every 20 minutes and turn it towards a point at least 20 meters away (perhaps looking out the window) for 20 seconds.

Computer Eyewear Sellers

In all this, however, the role of blue light is not clear. Computer eyewear sellers often promise to reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome. But in reality there has never been a proven correlation between blue light from electronic devices. And eye or vision damage, as stated by, among others. The American Academy of Ophtalmology , an American association of ophthalmologists.

Some people say they have found relief from certain symptoms by wearing computer glasses. But blue light treatment has become widespread recently and there is not enough data to draw solid conclusions.

Do we all need blue light goggles? of from computers and smartphones, as we said, is also present in the sunlight to which we  expose during the day and the intensity of the light of the screens can be much lower than that of a sunny day.

Does blue light from screens have any other contraindications?

The short answer is yes: it can have negative effects on sleep quality in some people.

Light is an important synchronizer of circadian rhythms and that is all those physiological changes  that mark the passing of the days in our body.

In our eyes there are specialized cells that are in charge of interpreting the light. And sending signals to our brain to tell it what to do.

For example, when we are exposed to sunlight. The brain is instructed to stop the production of melatonin, which induces sleepiness. And instead stimulate the production of cortisol, which wakes us up. And when the sun goes down, the opposite should happen.

 For this reason, the habit of watching TV, of being in front of the computer. Or of using smartphones, tablets and e-readers before going to bed could confuse our body. And make it believe that it is still day and not yet time to sleep.

This can cause difficulty falling asleep , insomnia, or disturbed, unrestful sleep, all of which have effects on overall health, as studies have shown .

For those suffering from sleep disorders, therefore, shielding yourself from blue light  in the evening hours, before going to bed  can bring positive results. You can do this with anti-blue light glasses, or by setting the “night” brightness. If the devices you use have it, or by completely abstaining from electronic devices. And dedicating yourself to something else, when you can.

Are computer glasses and resting glasses the same thing?

 Rest glasses generally have slightly graduated lenses. Which are used to correct minimal vision defects. While computer glasses have neutral lenses only with the anti blue light treatment.

For this reason, rest glasses can only be purchased in authorized optical stores. While for anti-blue light glasses you do not need a prescription from a doctor or optician. And can normally be purchased in physical and online stores.

Then, by making the optician’s glasses for rest you can decide as with all lenses. Whether or not to apply the anti-blue light treatment.

An important thing to know. If you interest in having lenses with the anti blue light treatment: they appear slightly yellow. 

What about reading glasses?

These too  bought in stores, without a visit, but they are another thing and have nothing to do with computer glasses. They are useful for people who are no longer able to see closely that is, Who suffer from presbyopia:

It is the progressive decrease in elasticity of the lens. (The “lens” in the eyes) that begins to manifest itself from 40 years onwards.

These too can have the anti blue light treatment and  purchased online, so you must always be careful, when looking for anti blue light glasses, to check that they have neutral lenses (+0.00 diopters) and are not actually sunglasses. reading.

Cyxus: blue light goggles

It is a company based in the United States that designs and sells computer glasses. As well as sunglasses and reading glasses.  On the website it says that the lenses of their glasses block blue light by up to 80 percent.

The prices are the lowest among those of the brands on this list, ranging  from 13 to 25 euros , and the frames are varied and of many colors. An editor of the Post,  who unfortunately already has too many glasses to buy new ones,  would like these leopard . They found on the Cyxus website , on Amazon , all with Prime shipping, and on eBay .

Nowave: blue light goggles

 It is an Italian startup born in 2016 precisely to sell anti-blue light glasses. Which now also sells prescription glasses online, relying on optical stores. The frames are varied and the lenses shield up to 40 percent of the blue light they intercept. 

On the Nowave website , shipping is free and delivery takes place within 24 hours, but you can also buy them on Amazon with Prime delivery . 



Is a French brand born in 2010 that sells computer, reading and sun glasses, with often very colorful plastic frames. Computer cameras filter out blue light at 40 percent. In Italy, they  found in Moroni Gomma’s physical and online stores (they are those with the wording “screen”), while some of the sunglasses, frames without lenses and reading ones can also   found on Amazon .

They have affordable prices: those for adults cost 40 euros, those for children 35.


Since Glasses have different types of lenses that protect the eyes from blue light to a greater or lesser extent, according to a scale patented by Gunnar itself, the  Blue Light Protection Factor ™ (BLPF) .

For those who want to protect themselves from the screens in the evening, the recommended BLPF is 65: for example these, if you like round frames , or these, if you like more squared .

As you may have noticed, Gunnar’s lenses are all yellowish (it is more noticeable than the anti-blue light treatment on some eyeglasses), so you have to understand if you like the effect on you, if you  interest in using them around and not just at home. Prices on Amazon  and eBay range from 60 to 95 euros.

Prospek This

Do we all need blue light goggles? it is the line of anti-blue light glasses from the Canadian brand Spektrum .

Review site The Strategist listed Prospeks in list of best anti-blue light glasses according to user reviews on Amazon. It has two types of computer lenses. Those that protect the eyes from 50 percent of blue light and those that protect them from 99 percent.

Which recommend for those who use them in the evening. The former are more transparent, the latter more yellow If you do not need reading glasses, before proceeding with the purchase check that the product description says “+0.00 diopters” .


It is an Australian brand that was born as a seller of sunglasses inspired by vintage models from the Eighties, but also has an  endless catalog of  anti-blue light glasses .

If you want to avoid extra-continental shipments, in Italy their glasses can  bought on Asos  and on eBay : they cost between 30 and 50 euros. We did not find information on the percentage of blue light they screen on their website.

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