How much is Lasik?

How much is Lasik?

The eye laser is an outpatient procedure for the correction of visual defects. This article will try to clarify the possible treatments, specifying when they are used and the costs for execution. In this article, we read about How much is Lasik?

The laser to the eyes

With eye lasers, we mean refractive surgery practices that use lasers for the correction of visual defects.

The most used currently are:

  • the FemtoLasik ;
  • the standard PRK ;
  • the transepithelial PRK.

PRK and FemtoLasik are distinguished mainly by:

  • lasers used;
  • ocular confirmation (PRK is used for thin corneas);
  • postoperative pain;
  • cost;
  • recovery times.

Finally, the latter is variable, but regardless of the technique used, it is essential to pay attention during the postoperative eye operation because some behaviours can compromise proper healing.

Femto Lasik

The FemtoLasik is the “gold standard” of the operation laser eye and involves the use of two lasers:

  • the femtosecond laser, to access the deep section of the cornea, creating a corneal flap ;
  • the excimer laser, which structurally modifies the cornea.

The technique in question is the evolution of Lasik (Laser-ASsisted In situ Keratomileusis), which involved using a mechanical instrument called a microkeratome to create the corneal flap.

Today the microkeratome has replaced by the femtosecond laser. Consider eliminating the risks associated with the surgeon’s manual skills and creating perfectly circular access, making the postoperativepprocedure faster and less annoying.

The virus also stabilizes quickly, from a few days to a maximum of 2 weeks.

The cost of the laser eye

The FemtoLasik technique has a cost of € 1,600 per eye, and the price includes postoperative visits the day after, the following week and the month after.

The standard PRK, by eye, costs € 1,300 and, as for Lasik, postoperative visits up to one month after surgery include.

The transepithelial PRK, by eye, costs € 1,400 and also, in this case, postoperative visits up to one month after surgery include.

Unlike the past, the laser to the eye is not more loanable; agreements with the National Health Service (SSN) are only possible for:

  • malformations that prevent correct vision;
  • corneal tumours;
  • elevated anisometropia (eyes with different refraction);
  • other major pathologies.

However, I have entered into agreements with the most famous clinics in Milan to finance the operation costs in several instalments and defer the cost over time.

The postoperativepof Femto Lasik

Following a FemtoLasik, after three days, it will already be possible to resume your daily life and return to work.

There will be no pain after the operation, but slight discomfort is possible, which will fade after a day.

The visual acuity will be excellent already the following day. Still, it considers complete 15/20 days after the operation. Taking care in any case to protect the eyes and to apply the prescribed antibiotic eye drops.

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