How to clean AirPods?

How to clean AirPods?

Just like other things, our AirPods also want cleaning. The apple products are soo expensive, but the things like our helmets, headphones, or AirPods become dirty by our ear wax because these have direct contact with our ears.

Due to the high cost of AirPods, they need some special care while using and cleaning them. So in this article, I will guide you step by step to clean AirPods to do it without damaging them. 

Follow a few steps to clean Airpods without damaging them

  • Here we are using hydrogen peroxide on the grids of AirPods and letting the hydrogen peroxide rest for a few seconds. It works on earwax and helps to unstick. 
  • Now use a sharp toothpick to remove excess wax still presented on the edges. Also, keep cleaning the toothpick with tissue to maintain cleanliness.
  • Now use the special putty to press on the grid of AirPods and put a little pressure, and it is done. The putty penetrates the grid and wax particles stuck with it that have our AirPods.
  • Once it is done, we have to perform a trick that always goes well, so make a strong blow to put the air under pressure from the side. By this process, the particles detach, and apart we do the opposite of the putty and remove the particles to the outside.
  • I suggest using cotton earbuds with a little hydrogen peroxide to remove the charging case. Here,e we can’t use putty and grid to get stuck in the case. Dont use anything that is not made from wood or cotton.
  • Avoid metallic substances to use it can affect the functionality of earbuds. 
  • In the end, use a soft cloth to wipe them.

Tips for Airpods

To maintain the voice and functionality of air buds, clean them once a week.

Use alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to clean them.

Dont use metallic instruments to clean them. It may affect the functionality of earbuds.

Also, use a brush to clean the grooves, but be careful to damage the speaker.

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