How to Clear Cache?

How to clear cache

clear cache. A computer cache is hardware or software that stores data or information temporarily. Whenever a user searches for something, the computer stores that information to improve efficiency and performance, but when the cache storage limit exceeds a certain level, it can cause a problem for your device.

Your device may stop working properly, and it can affect the speed of your device. Clearing cache from time to time will help increase the performance of your phone, computer, or any other electronic device. Besides, if your device experiences any issue after visiting a website, clearing cache will help resolve that issue.

The method of clearing cache is different for different devices. Whether you use internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., clearing cache will be easier. Listed below are simple ways to clear cache from each one easily.

Clear Cache from Google Chrome

Few simple steps make it easier for a user to clear cache from google.

  •       Open google chrome, and on the top of the right corner, you will see the 3-dotted line.
  •       You will see the history option, open it, and select clear browsing data.
  •       Select the time of history to “all-time.” It will clear the data from the initial date and make your device efficient.

Clear Cache on Safari

The few simple steps to clear cache from Safari are:

  •       In the top menu bar, open Safari
  •       Visit preferences and choose the privacy tab.
  •       After you open the privacy tab, you will see Manage Website Data
  •       Now, select clear all and click remove now

After this, again visit the top menu bar and quit to save the changes.

How to Clear Cache on Android and Android Apps

Else than, Chrome and Safari, you must be wondering to find an easy way to clear cache from the android. So, the few simple steps mentioned below will make it easier to clear cache from your phone within minutes.

Clearing Cache from Android

Clearing Cache from android is much similar to clearing the cache from chrome.

  •       Turn on Google chrome in your android.
  •       Drop down the menu by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.
  •       Look for the history option and clear the browsing data.
  •       Select the time range as per your desire.

It will clear the catcher instantly and make your android work smooth as well as efficiently.

Clearing Cache from Android App

Clearing cache in android apps will free up space in your phone and prevent any app from misbehaving. Here are few simple ways you can follow to increase the performance of your phone.

  •       In the settings on your device, select storage.
  •       Select internal storage and choose cache data
  •       A dialogue box will appear that will ask your permission to clear the cache.
  •       Confirm OK, and it will remove the cache.

It will not remove the app from your phone but only remove information. Clearing cache from an app will restore it to its initial state and increase the efficiency of your phone.

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