How to cook sausages?

How to cook sausages?

Cooking the sausages is very simple, but there is a secret to know so that the links don’t pop open while cooking. How long and how should you cook the sausage with a sheep sausage tray or an artificial sausage tray? In this article, we read about How to cook sausages?

The real secret to cooking the sausages – so they don’t burst – is that the sausages must not be cooked. The links were already boiled during production and thus preserved. If we then want to prepare the sausages at home, we don’t have to cook them like meat but heat them for eating.

Boil sausages – so that the links never burst.

The best way to cook the sausages is first to bring enough water to the boil that the links are just covered with water.

Place the sausages in the bubbly water and put a lid on them.

Turn off the stove and let the sausages sit in the water for 5-10 minutes (depending on the size of the links).

Cooking time

The cooking time of the sausages depends on the size of the links. General cooking time – leave sausages in hot water, then they will warm up within 10 minutes. Thinner sausages, such as Viennese or Frankfurter sausages, are heated up in just 5 – 8 minutes.

Cooking of frankfurter sausages, sausages with sausage bowl from sheep and Viennese sausages

All of these sausages are the same. They are made with edible casing and are much thinner than the traditional Hungarian sausages made with artificial cases.

In addition, these sausages – the Viennese and Frankfurter – are generally very sensitive when cooking, as they burst open quickly. Therefore, it is fundamentally vital to put this type of sausage in hot water not to boil it any further.

The sausages that are thinner need 5 minutes to cook. This is enough time to warm up. Since the links are not cooked, but only warmed up in hot water, they can stay longer and only be removed before serving.

Cooking sausage with artificial casing

When cooking sausages with an artificial sausage tray, the question is whether the sausage tray should be removed before or after cooking. If you do this after cooking, you should make sure that the artificial sausage shell is peeled off immediately after cooking.

The sausages with artificial sausage shells are not as sensitive when cooking. So they can be heated further, not just like warming up the Frankfurter or Viennese sausages. But you can also use the method that was used earlier. Put the sausages in hot water and then eat them straight away. This method takes about 8-10 minutes for the links to warm up.

Serving the sausages

The sausages are a popular dish in Central Europe, especially in Hungary people like to and often eat sausages.

The sausages taste best when they are freshly cooked beforehand. But if this is not possible, the links should be left in hot water until they are served.

In Hungary, the sausages are traditionally served with rolls and mustard. But side dishes such as ketchup and mayonnaise also taste good. You can also do the links with sauerkraut.

Cooked sausages can be eaten for breakfast or dinner. But they are also popular as a starter or on New Year’s Eve.

You should expect 1 – 3 sausages per person. Of course, it also depends on our guests’ appetite and on whether we want to serve. The sausages as a starter or as a main course.

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