How to crochet?

How to crochet?

Crochet is normally difficult and time-consuming work, and sometimes at a point, we realize that we are knitting in the wrong way or irregular shape, so we unknit to correct our mistake, but it’s not guaranteed that the second time you knit can correct your mistake and you make a perfect design. But here, we have special tips and tricks on knitting your sweater, scarfs, and many more like a pro professional.

Selection Of Yarn

First of all, select the yarn to make your knit perfectly. We all know that the perfect knitting also depends on yarn types like soft Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Merino, Organic Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Silk Yarn.

soft Wool

The wool yarns are great and used in winter stuffing like sweaters, scarfs, socks, and all you like to cover yourself in winter. 

Cashmere yarn

Cashmere fine Wool is got by the goat that shreds their Wool once a year and is more softened and thin than a hair. The winter stuffing in china is made of cashmere yarns.


Alpaca yarn is super soft and used in winter stuffing and named by its origin South-American Alpaca. And water and fire repellent.


The merino sheep get merino wool, and its luxurious super-soft Wool prevents allergy. It’s a super soft Wool that can fold thousand times without breakage.

Organic Yarn

Organic yarn shows its property by its name that it’s free of chemicals and toxins from the happy, healthy merino sheep. The cheap and luxury Wool for winter.

Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarn is obtained by the cotton plant that grows in warm. Soft, lightweight, and air passed Wool used to make baby blankets.

Silk Yarn

Silk yarn is a shiny, silky, strong yarn that gives a light feeling to your skin. It’s most expensive and preferable for summer stuffing. Popular by human says as strong as steel.

Chose your yarn according to the need for stuff.

Hold the needle as you like 

Knife holding method 

Hold your needles like a knife that keeps your thumb upward and four fingers around the needle.

Pencil holding method

Like pencil holding, keep your thumb under the needle and keep four fingers on the upper part just like you hold the pencil while writing and you have done.

How to crochet

So hold the needles and start making around the ring

It has the advantage of giving a cleaner finish as if the lines of the first row have changed once the joint is woven, the center of the circle remains with no gap. As a drawback, it is important to act foresight to properly adapt to the goal achieved and prevent it from coming loose later.

The advantage is that it gives you peace of mind. The circle’s center is very tight and not at risk of coming loose. The fundamental drawback is that when we’re working with this ring, it’s 100% absurd to determine the exact number of warps to start with, so there may be gaps in the middle if we assume we have to weave more warps than necessary. Or vice versa, we miss the chains, the hoop is too small, and we can’t sew the number of stitches we want to start the circle, or they stay in place.

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