How to delete an amazon account?

How to delete amazon account

We all know about Amazon. For some time now, it has become one of the most authoritative websites on the Internet. How to delete Amazon account There is no doubt that we have all made some of our purchases through this ecommerce colossus at some point.

We can even buy food products with ridiculous delivery times. It has disadvantages, too, like any online presence. Therefore, if you want to disappear from the platform, you can discover how to cancel your account in simple steps permanently.

To delete your account, the first thing you should check is that you do not have an active subscription or a half-done purchase. How to delete an Amazon account, That is, with a position that can be left hanging. In case that is the case, until it is solved and you unsubscribe what you have pending, you will not be able to delete it. This is also the case if you are a Prime customer.


Amazon is an intuitive website, easy to access, and created to help users purchase processes.


If, as we have said, you do not have any active process and you have already closed all the subscriptions or purchases that you had half-done on the web, you can proceed to delete your account permanently.

The first thing you should do is enter the website in the case of Spain. Here, log in with your details to access your account as usual.

Once you are in your account interface, you can check for the last time if you have a half-finished order. In case it is so, and you can do it, it is time to cancel it. Otherwise, you will have to wait for it to be solved.

If you already have everything in order, go to the “Help” tab. Here you must go down and click where it says “Do you need more help?”. Click on «Contact us» (it will appear on the right side of the menu).

Don’t overwhelm if you see too many lashes. The one we care about is “Prime and others.” Here, click on “Tell us about your problem” and then on “Update your account information.”

Click on «Close account.» You will see that right next to it, and there is an option to contact Amazon customer service both by chat and by phone or email when you talk to them. How to delete an Amazon account They will tell you how long it will take for your account to close permanently.

WHAT IF I HAVE LOST MY PASSWORD? How to delete an Amazon account

If you have lost your password and want to delete your account permanently, don’t worry because you can also do it.

The most straightforward process to erase it is to reset the password. To do this, you have to click on “Have you forgotten your password?” on the main screen that appears when you go to log in.

Once inside. The data that will require will be a phone number or email. In case you cannot access any of them. You can speak directly to customer service.

If your email is correct and you have been able to access it easily. How to delete Amazon account Click “Continue.” Two options will appear where you will ask how you want to access the account:

  • Through a new password.
  • Identifying with a temporary code.

As you are only going to enter to delete it. Identify yourself with a code that will be sent to your email or your phone. Depending on the option you have chosen above.

When you have entered it, you will access your account and perform the previous steps to delete it.

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