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How to delete a PUBG account?

There are different reasons to delete the PUBG account.  If someone notices himself playing PUBG for an unlimited time until the sun rises in the morning, then deleting the PUBG account might be the best way to kick the PUBG Mobile habit, at least until they are in a better place to play. Deleting a PUBG account isn’t hard, and the act of deleting a PUBG Mobile account can be done within a few seconds. Scouring through the phone’s settings to delete any extra files PUBG has created or downloaded over time won’t do anything but save a storing space. 

Delete PUBG account

However, PUBG Mobile accounts aren’t saved on the local storage. Instead, they’re backed up on a Ten cent server for keeping them safe and to prevent any easy account progression hacks. PUBG has caused chaos in the gaming sector in past years, and the total number of players globally has surpassed millions, but interest continues to grow with each passing day. But some people still want to delete their account completely. Steps to delete the PUBG account are as follows:

Delete PUBG Account On PC

  • First of all, Log in to the PUBG account or Go to its official website
  • In the second step, just Select” Remove Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • Consequently, the system will ask you to Enter your password to confirm.
  • Enter the password and click on “Delete.”

Delete PUBG Mobile Account

  • The user needs to Open PUBG Mobile on the device.
  • On the lobby screen, there will be a gear icon to represent the settings.
  • Select settings and Tap “Basic.”
  • An option “Delete Account” will appear. Tap on it. 

Unlink Google Play Account

  • The user should go to Settings App and tap on google. 
  • Now Select Account Services.
  • Under the option of Accounting Services, the user must tap Connected Apps.
  • Now Scroll through PUBG Mobile and tap on it.
  • Select Disconnect to unlink the PUBG account permanently. 

Unlink Facebook Account

  • To unlink the PUBG account from Facebook, Log into your Facebook account and head to the setting instantaneously. 
  • Here Select the option of Application and Websites.
  • In the end, just tap on Delete next to the application.

This is how a user can delete and unlink the PUBG account. By following these steps, every frustrated player will be able to effectively delete their PUBG accounts and disconnect them from their social networks as well. 

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To the end

Playing games helps to change the brain’s physiological structure positively so that players will be able to grab things easily. Many different games like PUB might serve as an activity for the exercise of the brain and offer support in building muscles to improve concentration and strengthen neural circuits. On the other hand, many Experts say that PUBG is a violent game, and the people who are playing this game are becoming more violent and restless. They observe a negative change in PUBG players as they don’t come forward to help others. In addition, The WHO has declared gaming addiction as a mental health disorder because it can increase the level of anxiety and depression.

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