How to delete a true caller account?

How to delete truecaller account

True caller is the application that allows. Users to find out who is calling or messaging them even if they are not on the contact list. This is why it is considered an ideal application because when someone doesn’t have the number saved in their contacts, they will know who is calling them before picking up the call. This application crowdsources contact particulars from all its users’ address books which means that contact could be on True caller’s database. How to delete truecaller account Some people take it as a drawback of this application. On the other hand, it does have many benefits as well, such as it allows people to block numbers, allows them to mark numbers as spam so they can avoid those calls, and more.

Delete true caller account via step by step procedure

To help out many people around the globe, there is a step-by-step guide on how anyone can change their name on True caller, delete their account, edit or remove tags, and more.

How to change the name?

Changing the name of the true caller serves as an alternative to deleting an account.

  • To change the name on the application, Open the True caller app on Android or iOS.
  • In the second step, Tap on the hamburger menu icon, which will be located on the top left in android and at the bottom right on IOS. 
  • Now Tap on the edit icon, which will be present next to the user name and phone number. However, on IOS devices, there will be an option of “edit profile.”
  • In the end, Change the name by editing the first and last name fields and save. 

How to delete/ deactivate True caller account

  • To delete the account, Open the True caller app on Android or iOS.
  • Click on the hamburger menu icon, which is present on the top left side on android devices and at the bottom right on iOS.
  • Click on Settings and open the Privacy Center.
  • Now Scroll down to find the Deactivate option. Click on it.  
  • For IOS users, there will be an option to Keep My Data and Delete My Data. The first option that says Keep My Data will help users to search, but they will not be able to edit how they display on True caller. With the Delete My Data option, they will not be searchable, and data will delete as well. Consequently, the True caller profile should now deactivate or delete. 

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Steps to remove/ delete a phone number from true caller

This application claims that they will un-list the phone number. Within 24 hours after someone permanently deletes. How to delete truecaller account The True caller account. However, this is not always the case. The simple way to check it is by asking friends whether your details are showing up or not after a couple of days. If it still displays the phone number even after deleting the account, try un-listing the number from their website. It is also possible to remove or delete the phone number from the true caller in the following steps:

  • Open the website of true caller.
  • Enter the accurate phone number along with the country code
  • In the end, click on the un-list phone number option.  


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