How to Edit a PDF?

How to Edit a PDF

Editing a PDF is not a complicated process, and the editing tools have made it a lot easier. With the help of such tools, you can edit any PDF file easily and make changes accordingly. The process is straightforward.

You do not need to download any heavy software to edits a pdf file. Multiple online editors are available that can help you in this respect. It is entirely your choice whether you want to use an online editor to editing a PDF or any other method you want to use.

If you are a Mac user, Windows user, or edit a pdf online, you can easily edit a PDF. The best online tool available to edit a pdf is Adobe Acrobat. It is easy to use and perfect for editing.

How to Edits a PDF document

The three primary and straightforward ways can help you editing a pdf easily.

1.    Edit PDF  with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat provides you the opportunity to add comments, text, drawings, and elements to your PDF. It is free to use, and you can easily use it for your PDF.

        Open Adobe Acrobat on your computer and select the file you want to edit.

        Once you open the selected file, the “edit pdf” option will be visible on your file.

        Click on the edit pdf and start editing and make changes as required.

        You can easily edit the text as well as the image in Adobe Acrobat. It is effortless and trouble-free to use.

2.    Edit a PDF,s on MAC

If you are a Mac user, a default editing option is available to edit your file. “Preview,” a default editing tool in Mac, allows Mac users to edit a file quickly.

        Open preview in your Mac and then select the file you want to edit.

        After opening the file, select tools and click “annotate.”

        The annotate option will help you edit the text, size or font, and color.

        The Preview tool also provides you an option to highlight a text.

Mac preview has made editing the PDF file easier, and anyone can rearrange a file using this tool.

3.    Edit a PDF,s on Windows

Editing a PDF is also possible with Windows. You can edit a file using Acrobat Reader or Foxit. Both these tools are easy to use, free and best for PDF files. Besides, an alternative to these tools is also available, which is quick and very simple.

A simple trick to writ in a PDF in windows is to open the PDF file and select and copy the entire text. Paste that text into a word document. Now make the changes accordingly, and save this file into PDF format. This hack is quick and simple to a pdf in windows.

Besides, you can also use any of the free pdf editors mentioned above to manage the file. Any of these methods will work the best to change a pdf file.

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