How to Get Rid of Hiccups?

How to get rid of hiccups

Anyone can have hiccups at any time, and there is nothing to worry about it. Hiccups usually come and go on their own, and you can get rid of hiccups without visiting a GP. But when the hiccups last longer than 48 hours, it is time to consider this factor.

Are you wondering why you get hiccups? Well, there is no specific reason why you get hiccups, and almost every person had it once in life. Besides, few factors can be a reason why you get hiccups more often, such as:

  •       Over Stress and putting so much pressure on your mind
  •       Going through an emotional phase
  •       Or maybe when you eat or drink something

If your hiccups do not go on their own, you should first try some home remedies to get rid of them. Few tips that you can follow at home will be helpful, and you do not need to consult a doctor.

Tips to Get Rid of Hiccups

Usually, the hiccups go on their own. Although it is not harmful, it can be a nuisance at times. Especially when you eat or talk to someone, hiccups can bother you constantly. So, few things that you can do at home to get rid of it are:

·   Follow some Breathing Techniques to get rid of hiccups

By practicing some breathing techniques, you can get relief from hiccups. The first and easy tip you can start with is by holding your breath. Do not hold for too long. Only hold it for 10 to 20 seconds and then breathe out slowly.

The next technique you can do is breathe in and out calmly, inhale slowly and count up to five. Similarly, again count up to 5 while you exhale. This technique will calm your mind as well as help you get rid of hiccups quickly.

·   Using Pressure Points Technique

Putting pressure on specific areas of your body has been an effective technique to cure particular health issues naturally. Similarly, this technique will also help in curing hiccups. Pressing your diaphragm, squeezing your palm with your thumb, and massaging your carotid artery will help you overcome this issue.

Applying pressure on pressure areas of your body is an effective remedy to get quick relief from hiccups.  

·   Iced-Cold Water Will Help 

Eating or drinking few items also helps to get rid of hiccups. Drinking chilled water is one of the effective remedies in this respect. Use this once a day or twice for effective results. Besides drinking cold water, you can also suck ice directly.

·   Bite a Lemon

Biting a lemon proves to be another best remedy to treat hiccups. Chewing or eating will work the best. If it tastes bitter, then you can also add some sugar on top.

Food and Things to Avoid 

While you follow a few techniques to avoid hiccups, avoiding food items that worsen the situation is also necessary. Such as:

  •       Spicy food
  •       Drink hot drinks
  •       Consuming alcohol
  •       Chewing Gum
  •       Smoking
  •       Eating or drinking fast
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