How to get weed out of your system?

How to get weed out of your system?
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Marijuana is the mixture of flowers, leaves, and stems of the hemp plants in yellowish-green color. There is also a stronger form of marijuana called hashish present in dough-like small balls of gray-brown color. The amount of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is increases in marijuana products in a few years. In the following article, we get to know about How to get weed out of your system? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Marijuana is usually used in smoking by rolling and filling in previously empty cigars, water or glass pipes, and bongs. But now, it’s popular trending to inhale it directly for a stronger effect by using a vaporizer. Also mixed with natural fruit flavors to make a fusion of aroma and natural food.

There is also manufactured marijuana present that is strong enough that the overdose may kill any person. These include K2, spice, and herbal incense.

Effects of marijuana

When people inhale marijuana, the main ingredient of marijuana THC, goes in the blood and lungs and further moves to the brain. It starts connecting with nerve cells and controlling sensory perception, and the body feels relaxed and desired. But by connecting nerve, sensory perception control thinking, memory, coordination, and concentration; thus, people get undesired effects. Through the bloodstream, THC also moves in other body organs and also leave the following effects:

  • difficulties thinking and solving problems
  • memory and learning problems
  • lack of coordination
  • distorted perception

Short term effects

The low dosage and less use leave short time effects which include:

  • increased appetite
  • feeling dizzy or sleepy
  • reduced inhibitions

But these are dangerous while driving or walking on the road.

Long-term effects

Modern research proves that people who use marijuana for a long period get long-term effects and harmful diseases.

Memory loss 

Long-term use affects the brain, and thus it can’t work properly, and people start forgetting and concentrating on anything.

Fertility issue

Research has proven that it also affects the production of sperms in males, and women who take high doses may late conceive or sometimes can’t. Or taking THC doses in pregnancy affects the development of the fetus, and newborn babies have abnormal behavior problems.

Respiratory problems

Inhaling THC causes respiratory diseases like asthma, cough, lungs infection, pneumonia, increased mucus, etc.

Low immune power

People who use marijuana for a long period lose the immune system, and thus their bodies can’t normally respond to infection, flu, cough, and other diseases.

Emotional problems

Marijuana affects the brain; thus, people can’t control their emotional and mental conditions like anxiety depression with long-term use. If a person uses a high dose of marijuana for mental illness, the results and effects may be worse.

How to remove THC from your body

To eliminate THC from your body, first of all, stop smoking and use marijuana. Depending on the dose quantity and usage method, it takes a lot of time to eliminate from your body. Sometimes it takes a month to clear the test and move out from your system, but some natural ways can eliminate THC. But first of all, stop taking THC as early as possible to eliminate it from your system.

Drink more water

If you have to pass a urine test, start drinking water a lot. Water is neutral, and thus urine eliminates all the detox and toxins from the body. Start drinking more water to eliminate THC from your body.

Detox drinks

To eliminate THC from your system, start taking detox drinks such as lemon juice, cucumber, mint leaves, ginger, honey, avocado, and many more purifying natural ingredients drinks. These detox drinks also boost the metabolism of your system. You can also use detox supplements.

Consume Zinc and Vitamin C

After the small doses of drugs, intake of zinc and vitamin C less the effects on the system. Also, intake of zinc and vitamin C supplements can help clear the teat and system from drugs. But before taking any supplements, concern your doctor.

Activated Charcol

Another natural method to prepare your body for drug tests is activated charcoal. The carbon present in charcoal has a negative charge that attracts the positive charge thus binds with drugs and drugs eliminated with charcoal easily.

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