How to hide subscribers on YouTube?

How to hide subscribers on youtube

Why Hide Your YouTube Subscriber? 

The burning question is why people want to hide their YouTube subscribers? The most common opinion is that keeping a visible subscriber count can either add or take away value from their YouTube channels.  Many video creators that have smaller channels say, less than a hundred subscribers, worry that viewers will instantaneously switch off from their content because they don’t have an apparent large audience watching their content already. Therefore, people choose to hide their subscribers on YouTube. 

Hide subscribers on YouTube  

Every YouTuber can choose to make their subscribers private or public. 

Private: When subscribers are set to, no other users can see the number of views, likes, or subscribers publically. However, when participating in a live chat, other viewers will publicly see the number of people joining the live session.

Public: When subscribers are set to public, other users can see the number of likes, views, and total subscribers whenever they visit the YouTube channel. 

Make your channel subscriptions public or private

  • First of all, sign in to a Google account and go to YouTube studio. 
  • It is not possible to hide subscribers using a mobile phone.  When you use the YouTube studio mobile app, it won’t be possible to get to the subscriber’s settings. So the laptop or a desktop will be the best option.  
  • In the top right corner of the dashboard, click the settings and go to the advanced settings category.
  • Go to Settings by clicking on them so that you can proceed to the next step.  
  • Under “Subscriber count,” there will be an option “Display the number of people subscribed to my channel.” You just have to uncheck it and click on save to retain the settings. 
  • You can now turn it on to Keep subscribers public whenever you want.

Now after hiding the subscriber count, it won’t be publicly visible to others on YouTube. But the owner of the channel will still be able to see their subscriber count from YouTube Studio. In addition, currently, there is no way to know if someone unsubscribed to a particular YouTube channel. YouTubers can’t even know who subscribed to them in the first place.

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How to See Hidden Subscriber Count on YouTube?

When someone hides their YouTube subscribers,  many people want to know the actual count. Possibly, there is no way for anyone except the owner to see the hidden subscriber count for any YouTube channel. However, there are some websites, such as Social Blade, which help to check the analytics of any particular YouTube channel. It helps to gain insight into how many subscribers this channel may have.

Is it good to hide subscribers on YouTube?

Hiding the subscribers might be good if someone has a low subscriber count or if their views-to-subscriber ratio is low. On the contrary, if a person has a lot of subscribers and a good views-to-subscriber ratio, there’s no point or need to hide the subscribers. Having a lot of subscribers serves as a good indicator to viewers that this channel produces high-quality content. As a result, viewers are more likely to subscribe to the channel.


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