How to improve english?

How to improve english

In English, you often miss the words and when it comes down to it. How to improve english Do you have an alphabet salad on your mind? That should change. Here are six strategies to improve your vocabulary and learn vocabulary better :

Vocabulary Learning Strategies How to improve english

1 – The Loci Method How to improve english

The so-called loci method is popular with memory professionals. You imagine a room that you know well. Then you put the vocabulary in your mind in different places in this room—for example, tax (tax) on the lamp and stock (share) on the pillow.

Go your route in your head, and you will remember the words.

2 – keyword method How to improve english

So that you can remember the English-German pairs even better, the keyword method is ideal:

Think about the English word you want to learn, e.g., B. tax, a German word that sounds similar, e.g., B. “Text.” Then you combine the two words into a story: Making a tax return is cumbersome because there are so many forms full of text that you have to understand.

Best of all, you can combine the keyword method with the loci method.

To do this, you put the picture of the tax return with the many texts in your mind in your lamp. When you walk through your room in your head, everything is clear: tax means “tax.”

3 – mind maps How to improve english

The following strategy is to draw mind maps. The principle is simple: you write an English word in the middle, for example, doctors.

And then you write words around that term that come to mind. You can also open sub-categories or add further information. As with all other strategies, everything that helps you to keep the word can be included, i.e., example sentences, pictures, quotes from songs, books or series, synonyms, donkey bridges, and so on.

When the mind map is finished, you will have memorized most of the words simply because you wrote them and thought about them a lot.

4 – Hear vocabulary How to improve english

If you can learn well by listening, you will be able to record the vocabulary as well.

As you speak, make sure you pronounce the words correctly. You can also use memory aids or example sentences with this strategy. Try it out. Some swear by it when learning English.

5 – index cards

The index card system you know is determined. You can create index cards on paper and use them to study at home or on the go. Or you learn digitally and use your smartphone to always have your cards with you (of course, it is up to you whether you use an app or digital add-ons ).

The English term comes on one side. If you like, you can add an example sentence or other memory aids. And on the other side comes the German translation.

So far, so good. The only thing missing is the learning strategy. Whenever you’ve written a few cards, you should classify them into three categories :

Deck 1are the new words that you haven’t even edited. Try to memorize them and repeat them after a few days.

Words that sound familiar to you but are not yet in place go in pile 2.

As soon as you have mastered a word, the card goes into pile 3.

Shuffle each batch properly and work hardest on batch 1. But don’t forget to repeat batches 2 and 3 regularly. Then all the words are safe in your head, and your vocabulary grows.

6 – vocabulary book

The vocabulary book as a strategy for learning vocabulary and expanding your English vocabulary is an old acquaintance. How to improve english You’ve probably already used it, so that we won’t go into it any further now. Of course, if this strategy helps you, keep using it in language learning!

Tip: be creative!

There are no limits to your creativity when learning vocabulary. How to improve english You can implement tons of your ideas to remember the words better: create videos, make collages, play taboo in English, and and and. The right strategies for learning vocabulary can help you tremendously!

Summary of Vocabulary Learning Strategies How to improve english

  • With the Loci method, you mentally put vocabulary in different places.
  • The keyword method combines vocabulary with similar-sounding German words and links them to a story.
  • You can also combine these two methods.
  • Creating mind maps helps keep vocabulary.
  • Through listening, vocabulary can better be remembered often.
  • With index cards, you have a good overview of which words you can use.
  • The vocabulary book is a well-known strategy for learning vocabulary.
  • Of course, there are no limits to your creativity.

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