How to lucid dream?

How to lucid dream?

Lucid dreaming makes it possible to control your dreams. Anyone can learn this with different methods – we explain how it works. In the following article, we get to know about How to lucid dream? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be beneficial for you guys.

Who hasn’t wanted to determine what happens next in a dream? That is possible, and it can even be consciously controlled: lucid dreaming. By this, one understands the goals in which one is aware that one is dreaming, and thereby one can act in the dream event. There is also talk of lucid dreams. Wildly few people can naturally dream clearly, but this can be learned with the help of a few tricks. If you want to dream lucidly, you should keep a dream diary, develop a sleep mantra and carry out regular reality checks. Eating healthy and getting a good night’s sleep is also beneficial.

Lucid Dreaming: These Tips Can Help You Control Your Dreams

Several methods can be used to learn lucid dreaming. Probably the most straightforward one is the MILD method developed by Stephen LaBerge, a US psychologist. MILD stands for Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams, a memory-induced lucid dream, and consists of the following steps.

1. Dream diary to lucid dream

If you want to control your dreams, you can start by keeping a dream diary to lucid dream. Immediately after waking up, the plans that you can remember are noted in it. If you then lie in bed in the evening, these notes are reread through, and the dream is practically relived again. This is supposed to stimulate the brain’s dream processing. This is an excellent first step in preparing for controlling the dreams to lucid dreams. Ideally, the detailed memory of the drives will steadily improve, and you will learn bit by bit how to distinguish a plan from reality while you are dreaming.

2. Sleep mantra to lucid dream

A second helpful step towards lucid dreaming is practicing a sleep mantra. This is said before going to sleep to lucid dream, and it can read, for example: “When I wake up, I can remember my dreams” or “When I dream, I realize that I am dreaming.”

The idea of ​​using a mantra to dare to control one’s dreams came from Stephen LaBerge, an American psychologist who has dealt extensively with lucid dreams. He is one of the leading experts in the field of lucid dreams. 

3. Implementation of reality checks to lucid dream

A frequently recommended tip for dreaming is to conduct reality checks regularly to lucid dream. To be aware in the dream that one is dreaming is the prerequisite for controlling the goal. Therefore, in the waking state, one should practice being aware of reality to lucid dream.

4. Diet as an essential factor to lucid dream

Also, diet plays a significant role in sound sleep. Deep sleep is a prerequisite for plans. A well-balanced hormonal balance is vital for this, especially the messenger substance melatonin, responsible for our day-night rhythm to lucid dream. When it gets dark, the melatonin production is boosted correctly, makes us tired, and ensures a restful sleep. 

More techniques to control dreams

There are a variety of other techniques that lucid dreaming can use. In addition to the MILD method, these include:

the DILD process Stands for “Dream Induced Lucid Dream” and means that the dreamer suddenly realizes that he is dreaming in the middle of the dream. Then he can begin to control the drive.

The WILD method: stands for “Wake Initiated Lucid Dream” and is one of the rare forms of lucid dreaming. The dreaming manages to get directly from the waking state into the lucid dream – the whole thing is like a meditation and is not easily feasible for the layman to lucid dream. 

The WBTB method: Stands for “walking back to bed” and is an uncomfortable method for all sleepyheads. An alarm clock is set for about four or five hours after falling asleep. When the alarm clock rings, you stay awake for about 30 minutes and go through reality checks several times. This is paired with the sleep mantra, which you repeat several times right before going to sleep. 

Lucid dreaming helps with self-optimization

Lucid dreaming is said to have some positive effects on personality. For example, it should promote performance to lucid dream. Those who dream clearly should feel more relaxed and fitter the next day. This, in turn, leads to the fact that creativity and concentration are strengthened.

However, dreams can be used even more effectively: You can train skills in them that are needed in reality. Holding a presentation can be used as an example: In the lucid dream you can go through the lecture in detail and practice intensively in this way to lucid dream. Even those who suffer from nightmares can actively counter their innermost fears and do so much for a healthy psyche.

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