How to Make Sticky Rice?

How to Make Sticky Rice?

Sticky rice, also known as “sticky rice”, is a particular type of rice that is the No. 1 staple food in Laos and northeastern Thailand. Sticky rice is also ubiquitous in Vietnam, Japan and other countries. It is used for delicious specialities such as “Mochi” (Japanese rice cakes), dessert soups or other desserts. What distinguishes it from commercial rice varieties such as jasmine and basmati rice is the high proportion of starch (amylopectin). In this article, we read about How to Make Sticky Rice?

Glutinous rice has white, thick and bulbous grains, similar to jasmine rice. But you can tell them apart very well: While jasmine rice (right) is slightly translucent when uncooked, sticky rice (left) is opaque white due to its high starch content. It is precisely the opposite when cooked: jasmine rice is white, and the sticky rice is translucent instead.

Where to get sticky rice?

The best way to get Thai sticky rice is in well-stocked Asian shops. There you can usually find it under the name “ G” tenous Rice ” ” ” T” I Sweet Rice “.

“the special thing is that sticky rice is not boiled but steamed. The steaming process ensures that the rice grains stick together completely and that the rice gets its typical firm, sticky consistency. Traditionally, it is prepared in a Lao rice steamer, a specially made bamboo basket (“Bam” oo Steamer“). “however, since one of us does not have such a rice steamer, it is also no problem to use an utterly ordinary steamer. If you don’t have a steamer at home, use a large saucepan and a metal sieve as a steamer insert – it works fine too.


It should also be noted that the glutinous rice must be soaked before the steaming process. For at least 3 hours, it is best to let it soak overnight (8 hours).

You get the best result when you prepare a more significant amount at the same time. It should be 400 g dry weight. Otherwise, the (time) effort of steaming would not be worth it. I always use 400g – a perfect amount for steaming. In addition, people like to underestimate how much rice you can eat alone if it’sit’sd.


  1. 400 g sticky rice
  2. Soaking water + 1 litre of water


Wash the sticky thoroughly several times in lukewarm water (change the water until it is clear).

Cover the rice generously with water in a large bowl and soak overnight. If you dip your index finger in the water and place it on the rice, the water should reach the first knuckle.

Line the steamer insert with a damp kitchen towel and add the glutinous rice along with the soaking water. Add 1 litre of water to the saucepan, fold the kitchen towel over the rice, close the lid and steam over medium heat for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, turn the rice briefly with a spoon and steam again for another 10 minutes. Remove from heat and put the rice in a large bowl so it can cool down a little.

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