How to make the perfect omelet?

How to make the perfect omelet?

Cooking methods: how to make the perfect omelet oven and in a pan

There are two ways to make the perfect omelet – both very simple – to cook an omelet first is very dietary, the second less; but, whether you cook an omelet in the oven or an et result will be fantastic in any case.


To make the perfect  omelet in the oven, you need to get a pan of the desired size and cover it with omelet paper to prevent the omelet from sticking to the edges. In addition, parchment paper avoids adding other fats to the mixture such, as oil or butter. This is worth taking into account in just. We ve baking in the oven already keeps the calories low.

To cook an omelet et the oven, cooking time,s and degrees must consider depending on the quannumbereggs, the heigh,t, and omelet size.

For an omelet, you consider 10 to 15 minutes at a temperature of about 160 ° C with a convection oven so that the omele to meletomeletns soft and does not dry out.

To make the perfect omelet, however, you need a certain amount of oil. The oil to use for the omelet omelet virgin olive oil. It is much tastier, healthier, and more delicious than seed oil. It will not burn because, in any case, the flame must be kept low and thoroughly must cook slowly in a non-stick pan. In Besides the omelet in a pan must be cooked with the lid on o that the upper part also begins to harden because of the fundamental and feared operation by all: the turn of the omelet.

How and when to turn the omelet

Turning some discussions and the kitchen requires a specific skill; but, with a bit of training. To begin with, to turn the, you can help yourself with a lid (the same one used for cooking) on ​​which the can be turned upside down and from which it can slide back into the pan to finish cooking. Then, to understand when to use a spatula and lift it slightly: if the bottom is compact, you can. But, indeed, it would help if you turned it. Otherwise, it will burn on one side.

However, it may happen that the above part has not hardened yet. As a result, the operation could get messed up.

For this reason, at times, you can cheat and raise the omelet a little so that the very liquid parts end up on the bottom and cook more quickly, softening the lower part of the omelet and giving a few minutes of precious cooking.

However, it would help if you never forgot to cover the pan with a lid, because this favors the cooking of the upper part, and to keep the flame very low, because you always have time to maintain the pet on for another two minutes, while it is impossible to remedy a charred omelet.

How to make the high omelet?

Making a tall and fluffy omelet best thing to do is bake omelet in the oven at a low temperature, around 150 or 160 ° C and let it cook very slowly so that it has plenty of time to compact both inside and out.

To make the perfect omelet dough higher and fluffy, you can beat the eggs more vigorously before pouring them into the pan (covered with baking paper!). This way, the eggs will incorporate more air, and the omelet, as a result, will come from the high edges.

What to combine with the egg omelet?

How to make the perfect omelet?

Onion omelet

To prepare the onion omelet to avoid it coming back to you for the following days, you can schedule an omelet with chives (much more delicate than the classic onion), or you can use Tropea IGP onions, a typical Calabrian product recognized for the sweetness and delicacy of its taste. In any case, Czekaj the Tropea onions will finely slice ​​and soaked in a small bowl with water and wine or apple vinegar for about half an hour. Then, if you want to make them even more delicate, the onions can cook in a pan with water. At this point, all that remains is to add the onions to the eggs, season everything with salt, pepper, and – if desired – grated pecorino and parmesan and start cooking.

Hoe to make perfect Potato omelet

To make the potato omelet, you can proceed in two ways: one dietary and a little less dietary (perhaps a lot).

The diet version of the potato omelet involves:

Peel and wash the potatoes

Cut them into rings

Blanch them for a few minutes (5 are too many)

Add them to the eggs

Cook everything normally

The less dietary version of the potato omelet includes an extra step:

After peeling


and cut the potatoes

the washers must still boil

but then they should also light fried in a pan with peanut oil

and then added to the eggs

and cooked typically above.

Pasta frittata perfect omelet

The classic pasta frittata made with macaroni’s leftovers with tomato is the traditional packed lunch option for a picnic with friends. When preparing the pasta, you can design many delicious and pastries or baked pasta. Fantastic is the spaghetti alla chitarra with caciocavallo Silano and meat sauce cooked in the oven; The cannelloni baked with ham and sausage DOP Parma; the macaroni messy baked; the macaroni pie and the carbonara macaroni frittata.

How to make perfect zucchini frittata

There are also two methods to make the perfect zucchini omelet, and it is always a more dietary way and another less so. But the difference is not as significant as in the case of the potato  Courgettes can peel and cut into small slices. And then boiled in salted water or cooked in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. A clove of garlic. And a little chopped parsley. After that, the operation remains the same. The zucchini must add to the previously beaten eggs and seasoned with salt and ground pepper, and then everything must cook in the ways described: in the oven or a pan.

How to make the perfect asparagus omelet

To prepare the asparagus, It is necessary to consider that each asparagus comprises two parts. In the kitchen. Must treat differently. The stems and the heads.

The asparagus testes are so delicate and beautiful to look at. At that, they don’t necessarily have to boil first for a. Besides, the asparagus heads, very light and often considered tastier than the stem, can add once the mixture is poured into the pan and arranged to create an elegant and regular pattern.

The stems, on the other hand. In addition to having to deprived of the final part. And lightly peeled with a potato peeler. Must also blanch in a pot with salted water.

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