How to reduce Photo Size?

How to reduce Photo Size

All we know about photos is that we can click them with our phones and DSLR cameras and edit them by adding filters. This gave origin to the art of photo editing. People started to introduce many photo editing software that is being used nowadays. They have become popular because you can change the filters, add transitions and effects, make them move, make a video by combining them, and many more. We have always been ignorant of one aspect of photo editing, which is size enhancement or reduction. In the following article, we get to know about How to reduce Photo Size? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

How to Reduce Photo Size?

Have you ever thought about it? I bet you have not yet. We generally see many websites daily and see that they are fully loaded with pictorial representations. Small or large, there are as many pictures as you would like to see. This is because people have accepted that visuals have a greater impact on the human mind and tend to be remembered for a longer time. The pictures you see on web pages have different sizes. They all are not of the same dimensions. This is decided by the website developer himself and the template he chooses to use. A little up or down in size can ruin the beauty of your page and make it less attractive and reduce the number of visitors. This will allow their competitors to criticize your website. Intriguing, right? This is also called the compression of images or pictures.

Bottom Line

So let us learn the magic of size reduction of pictures that you see almost everywhere you go.

If you are using software, uploading the picture will be an option. Once you upload a picture over there, it will compress it and reduce the size of the file to help you attach it to emails and send it to any person you want. Photo editing software is so diverse that it can even help you compress multiple pictures simultaneously.

Another way to reduce the size of pictures is to use Microsoft Word. All you have to do is insert the picture using the insert option. When the picture is added, you will see that a new option of “Format” has appeared on the ribbon bar. Then you will have to choose the crop option and reduce the size or crop the unnecessary area as per your requirement.

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