How to remove ingrown hair?

How to remove ingrown hair?

The problem of ingrown hairs affects all ages of women who have to remove their hairs with razor, wax, trimer, and hair cream. The hair sometimes starts curling, and as a result, they grow under the upper layer of skin and cause irritation, itching, swelling, burn,  small bumps. Men also suffer from this disease in their beard area shave it. In the following article, we get to know about How to remove ingrown hair? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Causes Of Ingrown Hair

The most common reason for this disease is the hair removal methods. Sometimes we exert high pressure on our skin that causes infection in our skin pores. This unwanted activity also changes the direction of hair growth which starts curling and starts inward development of our skin. These activities cause injuries and the production of microorganisms in our skin pores.

Using hair removing cream and epilator also causes hairs in any body part.

The other reason for ingrown hair is close pores. Sometimes the hair dont find its way to grow outward and start growing in the skin.

Home remedies to remove ingrown hairs

Here I have some home remedies to remove ingrown hairs and get healthy, itching, and infection-free skin. So let’s get started.

Use tweezers to remove ingrown hair

The old and common method is removing hair with tweezers. Just take a clean tweezer and start removing hair from it. It is enough to remove the upper layer of skin that causes the inward growth of hairs. Just break it from the tweezer and start removing hair but be careful dont cut hair from the ends. You have to remove the hairs from the roots after using hydrogen peroxide as an anti-infection to avoid infection.

You can also use thread to eliminate hairs.

Use Scrub to remove ingrown hair

Scrub is used to remove dead cells and open the pores. So, let’s start the scrubbing on the affected area and give way to come out your ingrown hairs and start removing them with a tweezer, thread, and other ways that you like. When you remove your dead cells, you can see your ingrown hairs, but dont use harsh ingredients as a scrub.

Sea salt has anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties, so you can use it as a scrub and get smooth and soft skin. To remove ingrown hair, use sea salt and water mixture.

Sugar and coconut oil work together as a natural scrub with anti-biotic properties to avoid itching and infection.

White sugar and honey are also the ingredients of homemade scrub. Make a mixture of these ingredients with water and start scrubbing the affected areas. The solid sugar particles help eliminate the upper layer of skin, which exposes the hair that you can easily remove.

Horsehair Glove to remove ingrown hair

Horsehair gloves also work as an exfoliator and remove the upper layer of skin very easily, but I suggest that you dont use them on sensitive skin. 

Horsehair lufa also works well to expose ingrown hairs. 

Steps to remove ingrown hairs in personal parts

  • First, to remove the ingrown hairs thoroughly, wash the assimilated area with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. These body parts may have more sweat, and also the microorganism produces more, so the use of antibacterial soap cleans the area and pores and minimizes the chances of infection. Clean with a soft towel.

  • Now start with a hot water compression soaked in the chamomile or Azadirachta indica (neem tree) leaves. Give a hot squeeze for 5-10 minutes and dry the area after the completion. 
  • From the previous method, if you can’t see the hairs, concern the doctor, and if the hairs are visible, use sterile hair tweezers to remove them from the roots and use antiseptic moisturizer to avoid infection.

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