How to restart iPhone?

How to restart iPhone?

The model of the iPhone series had been differing from many of the specs between them. Sometimes, the iPhone could become stuck, or the specific function couldn’t run up for various reasons. However, in this article, you will learn how to restart the iPhone manually. Different iPhone series had other functions, so in the following steps, all different methods of different iPhone series are below.

How to restart iPhone

Restarting the iPhone X, XS, XR, iPhone 11, 12 & iPhone 13 and its latest series:

Different functions could be utilized on the side button of the latest models of the iPhone series, e.g., iPhone X, XS, XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and its all-pro series, & iPhone 13. Functions that performed the side button of these latest series are Siri activation, different tasks based, and the feature of emergency SOS to bring up.

Rather than these latest model iPhones, the oldest models of the iPhone series had different restart processes due to the addition of this newest performance of the side button.

Following are the steps mentioned for the soft restart\reset for the latest iPhone series X, XS, XR, iPhone 11, 12 & iPhone 13:

1- First step to soft restart the all-latest series of iPhone as mentioned above, press & hold the down button of volume and the iPhone’s side button simultaneously.

NOTE: ( The up button of volume also worked, but it could be taken as for the screenshot taken. By pressing the volume up button, the screenshot of the screen could be done).

2- On the next second step, when the “Slide to Power off” appears on the home screen, release the holding Volume down and side button of the iPhone.

3- Then, to shut down the iPhone device, from left to right, move that slider.

4- After moving the slider from left to right, wait here for the 30-40 Seconds on the screen to completely shut down the iPhone device. Again, hold down the side button of the iPhone’s device to start up it. Hold it until the logo of Apple appears to restart your device and then release the side button.

Restart the iPhone’s other devices: 

Following are the steps mentioned for restarting the iPhone device for all the other instruments.

1- In the older sets of iPhone devices, the sleep\wake button is present on the top of the screen. Hold it on by pressing on it.

The sleep\wake button is present on the right side of the device of the iPhone 6 series and so on.

2- Release the button of sleep\awake, after the slider of power off appears on the screen.

3- iPhone devices will be shut down after moving the slider from left to right onto the screen.


4- A dim moving spinner will appear on the screen of the shut downing process.

5- After the complete shut down of the screen of the iPhone device, press again onto the sleep\wake button.

Keep holding on to it until the apple logo shows on the screen.

6- Release the button after the apple logo has been shown. Here the restart process of the iPhone device completes.

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