How to sharpen scissors?

How to sharpen scissors

sharpen scissors. Scissors are a simple cutting instrument of paper, cloth, hair, etc. it consists of two sharp blades, ring shape handles at the end to hold the scissors, and a screw is attached which holds these two sharp blades together. The two blades are present opposite to each other and work against each other so that you cut the paper, cloth and whatever you want. 

Types of scissors?

Numerous types of scissors are used to cut different things. The scissors perform different tasks like cutting papers, hairs, clothes, threads, wires, plastic, etc. 

Sewing  Scissors

As the name shows, it is used to cut cloth for sewing purposes. These play a vital role in cutting the clothes very smoothly and fastly. These scissors can not be used for other purposes because it makes the blades dull. There are some types of scissors:

Dressmakers scissors

  • Pinking Scissors
  • Tailors Scissors
  • Buttonhole Scissors
  • Applique Scissors

Embroidery Scissors  sharpen scissors

These scissors are used to cut the threads near the clothes. These are designed in a curved shape so that their sharp curved blades don’t damage the fabric while cutting the threads. The shape of these scissors ensured that they could not damage the cloth while cutting the threads of the cloth. These scissors are small in size and don’t have a ring-shaped handle to hold. It resembles medical scissors because of their small size and curved blade tips.

Crafting Scissors or all-purpose Scissors

These scissors design for crafts and art. The scissors have long, straight, sharp, and pointed blades which cut smoothly, fastly, and straightly strips of any material and are also used in smaller restricted areas. These scissors are also used in the sewing process to cut the design patterns on paper, and we should keep these scissors in our homes to cut and wrap uses and use them in the kitchen for many purposes. 

Right And Left Handle Scissors

Usually, scissors are very suitable for right-hand people, and it isn’t easy to use for left-hand people. The left-hand people who use the scissors daily practiced using the scissors day by day for smooth and fast cutting. But now there are special scissors available for left-handed people. The blade settings of these scissors are different, so the left-handed people use them efficiently. The right hand and right-handed scissors are asymmetrical. The left-handed works oppositely to right-hand scissors.

Gardening Scissors sharpen scissors

The gardening scissors are used for garden and horticulture purposes. These scissors are used to cut shrubs, leaves, stems, flowers and shape the plants. There are some subcategories of gardening scissors, such as

Hedge Trimmer

It uses to trim shrubs, herbs, and bushes. This is a vital tool of the garden and is almost used in every garden. It has many sizes. We use different sizes according to the size of our plant. This trimmer uses to shape the bushes by trimming their unwanted edges. It has two types: manual timer and power trimmer

Grass Shear

Grass shear is also an essential tool for gardens. It uses to cut grass, do lawn maintenance, and prune the grass which is growing upward. It can use easily because of its long handles and the perpendicular shape of sharp blades. This is available in the market in two different types of blades, one with horizontal and vertical blades. The horizontal blade grass shear is used to cut the grass missed by the lawnmower, and vertical blade grass shear is used to remove the grass present on the boundaries of the lawn. 

Pruning Shears

Pruning Shears use in the USA and made for the cutting of plants. It is made for cutting hard and long branches. This contains very sharp blades which cut the branches and bushes of the plants. It can even cut the thick branches up to 2 centimeters. Its new version, called  Looper, has two long handles and extra sharp blades which can crop the unwanted thick branches that a pruning shear can’t cut. 

Grooming Scissors

They are grooming scissors use to cut hair in different styles. There are two types of grooming scissors.

Hair Cutting scissors:

These scissors use to cut and style the scissors. These are very sharp scissors so that they cut the hairs very smoothly and give perfect edges. Barbers and hairdressers use these scissors. It is sharper than oher scissors and present in different sizes, with the 5 to 7-inch blade used are very common. 

Hair Clippers:

Hair clippers resemble scissors in appearance. The clippers have razors with sharp blades to trim the hairs. Their appearance is slightly different from other scissors, but the working principle is the same. 

Medical Scissors: 

Medical scissors use to cut bandages and used during surgeries. It has two types of scissors:

Bandage Scissor

Nurses use bandage scissors during the practice. These scissors have short blades and long handles. The upper blade has a blunt end, and the lower blade has a sharp and pointed end. These scissors also call nurse’s scissors because they use them in medical practice, and they cannot cut, slice, and injure the patient’s skin during cutting bandages.

Trauma Shears

Trauma scissors use for tuff and deeper cuts. It mainly uses by medical practitioners and other emergencies to smoothly and swiftly cut the patient’s clothes during treatment. These scissors consist of long lever arms and blades. These are also popular with anglers and soldiers.

How To Sharpen  Scissors?

We like sharp scissors for smooth and fast cutting, and nobody likes dull blade scissors. When your scissor blades become dull and can not correctly, you want to buy new scissors. Scissors are not expensive, but you can sharpen them at home by these different methods:

sharpen scissors with Sandpaper 

Yes, we can sharpen the scissors with sandpaper. Take the sandpaper with 150 to 200 grint will work just fine. You can also take the more significant number of sand sheet grint. 

  • Fold the sand sheet in half that the rough side of the sheet facing outside. So, the sandpaper grazes both sides of the blades as you cut the sandpaper-like paper. 
  • Start cutting the long strips of a sand sheet with scissors. Cut the strips about 10 to 20 times. You feel the scissors sharpening during the cutting of the sand sheet. Sand sheets sharpen the scissors and smooth out nicks on the blade.
  • Now wipe out the scissor with a clean cloth or tissue paper so that the off sandpaper small particles attach during the sandpaper cutting.
  • You can also use alternative materials such as itchy cloth and steel wool for scissor sharpening.

Sharpen The Scissor with Aluminum Foil

  • Take an 8 to 10 inches aluminum foil and fold in many times to get a thicker aluminum foil, and start cutting it with a scissor that you want to sharpen. Aluminum foil sharpens your scissor many times while cutting them. 
  • Now wipe out your sharpened scissor with a clean cloth and keep it safe for subsequent use.
  • The sharpening of scissors depends on the thickness of the foil and how many times you cut the foil.

Sharpen The Scissor With Sharpening Stone

  • Take a sharpening stone from your nearest hard shop. These stones use to sharpen the scissors. It has two sides, one corner or gainer side, and a good side. 
  • If your scissor is too dull and can’t work, use the grainer side first and then use the fine side.
  • If your scissor needs little sharpening, then use the fine side of the stone.
  • First of all, place the stone on a folded towel and use honing oil or other oil, whatever you have. 
  • And if you do not want to use oil, you can use the water.
  • Now unscrew the scissors for better sharpening and can sharpen the blades separately and more efficiently. 
  • Keep the inner blade where two blades meet. This area needs to sharpen, so grip the handle and pull the blade across the stone towards you.
  • Repeat the process very slowly and carefully for 10 to 20 minutes until you sharpen the scissors.
  • Repeat this step with the second blade of the scissor.
  • Wipe out the scissor with a clean cloth to off the stone bits attached while sharpening.
  • After sharpening the scissor, keep the scissor and stone-safe for next time use.

sharpen scissors With Glass Jar

  • Take a glass jar. Open the pair of scissors as wide as they can go and keep the jar inside the blades.
  • Hold the jar with one hand and scissors with the other hand and cross the scissors with pressure like we cut the paper or fabric with scissors.
  • Repeat this crossing process on a glass jar until the blades become smooth and sharp.
  • Keep sure that your jar doesn’t damage because the blades might leave scratch lines on the glass jar.
  • Wipe the scissors with tissue paper and keep them safe away from the children.

sharpen scissors With a Pin

  • In this process, we use a pin to sharpen the scissor. This process is like the previous process where we use the steel pin instead of the glass jar.
  • Open the scissor and place the pin in the center of the blades.
  • Start crossing the scissor on the pin as you cut the paper or fabric from the scissor.
  • Use less pressure to close the blades and let the pin do work for you.
  • Repeat the process until you get shiny, sharpened, and smooth edges of blades. 
  • Clean the blades of the scissor with a piece of cloth and keep it safe.
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