How to shave?

How to shave?

Honestly, how often have you stood in front of the mirror after shaving and thought: “Wow, that was the perfect shave”? Shaving can be absolute torture: Leftover stubble, razor burn, cuts, or pimples – something is always there. This is precisely why, according to a study by the razor brand Gillette, 36 percent of men with sensitive skin currently shave less often than they would like. Your beard is not a question of style but simply a means to an end: avoiding skin irritation after shaving.

That’s enough of that! Here is your guide to the perfect wet shave – gently and thoroughly – for every man, including those of you with susceptible skin.

1. Thoroughly cleanse the face to prepare the skin for the shave

Before you start shaving, you should first cleanse your skin. It is best to use a wash gel that is tailored to your skin type. You can also exfoliate the skin 1 to 2 times a week, but not more, instead. “With these care products, dead skin cells and dirt particles can be easily removed. This way you prevent clogged blades, the razor glides better, you don’t have to press hard and you don’t cut yourself so easily,” advises Kristina Vanoosthuyze, a scientific expert in “Global Shave Care” -Team from Gillette.

2. Apply a pre-shave product

“Whether you prefer to use shaving foam, gel, cream or shaving soap is ultimately a question of personal taste,” says Kristina Vanoosthuyze. You can put shaving foam or shaving gel directly on your fingertips and spread it generously over your damp face. On the other hand, shaving soap or shaving cream must first be lathered with a brush and plenty of water.

3. Let the shaving foam & Co. work in first

You probably already guessed it: This is not going to be a quick act. But to protect your skin, you should let each pre-shave product work for at least two minutes. “Because a dry beard hair is almost as hard as copper wire. The combination of warm water and soaping agent makes the beard hair soft,” says the expert. By the way: This also increases the life of the blade. Because stiff whiskers put more strain on the edge than soft ones.

4.  Choose a good quality system razor

Especially if you have sensitive skin, keep your hands off cheap disposable razors. They’re handy for a weekend getaway when you’ve forgotten to take a proper razor in, but nothing for everyday use.

5. Keep tension to avoid cuts

The skin should always be taut when shaving. “That is the secret for a shave without bruises. The blade can slide easily on the tight skin, the risk of injury is reduced. The tension also makes the shave thorough. 

6.  It is better to shave with the grain to protect the skin

Whether you shave with or against the grain depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the thickness of your beard. In any case, shaving against the grain is more thorough. But also more charming. This is why most men should shave consistently in the direction of growth, i.e., with the grain, to protect the skin.

7. Wash the blades thoroughly with hot water

During the shave, rinse the blade thoroughly with warm water several times to prevent it from clogging. “Just hold it upside down under running water. And please never use mechanical aids (for example a nail brush). This dulls the blades,” says the expert.


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