How to smoke a cigar?

How to smoke a cigar?

How to smoke a cigar? Cigar smoking is not the same as smoking. Compared to the casual and straightforward way of tobacco, smoking cigars require a complete set of procedures and essential auxiliary tools and even must follow some necessary etiquette and norms. Before enjoying the cigar, this is the preparation needed that you must do to ensure that the cigar maintains its original aroma and mellowness. Below we will introduce some specific steps to enjoy cigars.

Unpack the cigar

First, all you need to do is to unpack the cigar, then take out the cigar, put it two or three centimeters away from the nose, and smell its fragrance. This is an indispensable step for experienced cigars before enjoying the cigar. . It should note that this refers to cigars kept in the cigar cabinet for at least two weeks or longer. Generally, the newly received cigar should not be smoked right away. If the cigar is too dry or too wet, it will affect the taste of the cigar.

The second step is to smoke a cigar.

Secondly, anyone who knows a little about cigars knows that one end of the cigar is close to maintain the original flavor of cigars, so you must first cut the cigar before enjoying the cigar. When you get a cigar, you will find that the top of the cigar and the other wrappers in the cigar are the caps. Before enjoying it, you must first cut off the lids with a cigar cutter. Usually, the boundary between the eggplant cap and the wrapper is very obvious. When cutting, it is enough to cut the eggplant cap along this boundary.

The action should rapid in the specific cutting process, and the cigar cap should cut off first. Don’t turn the cigar back and forth so as not to damage the cigar wrapper. After cutting off the lid, ensure the smoothness of smoking the cigar. A hole punch should use to make a hole in the incision of the cigar.

The depth of this hole is generally 1/4 to 3/8 inches. Too deep or too shallow will affect the taste and aroma of the cigar.

After the cigar hole laid, the next step to light the cigar. Experienced cigar smokers know that the choice of gas appliances to light cigars is also very particular. Because generally, high-quality cigars are all hand-rolled, the addition of chemicals is also very taboo during the production process.

Some famous cigars in the world, to prevent the smell of chemical substances from polluting the original smoke flavor of the cigar, even the binder of the cigar wrapper uses purely natural materials. Therefore, when choosing a gas appliance, it must ensure no peculiar smell in the gas appliance. Better cigars have matches without sulfur, butane, and fuel lighters.

Lighting a cigar

When lighting a cigar, do not ignite the cigar as soon as the burner lit, but wait for the flame to stabilize hold the cigar horizontally. And tilt the end to ignites down 45 degrees and slowly approach the upper end of the love by an inch. After the cigar warms up. Bring the cigar close to the flame and light the cigar slowly and evenly. Unlike ordinary cigarettes, please do not use your mouth to smoke the cigar during the cigar ignition process to help it burn.

Because at this time, the cigar still contains a lot of various flavors. After the cigar ignites, please don’t rush to enjoy it. Instead, you should put the cigar in your mouth and gently blow it twice, or hold the cigar firmly in the air by shaking it up and down a few times so that it can remove well.

The smell in the cigar and the heat flow when lighting the cigar. After the cigar emits a steady smoke, you can enjoy it. Before you want it, you need to explain the way you hold the cigar. We all know that cigars are much thicker than ordinary cigarettes.

Way to smoke a cigar

Because of this, if you use the index and middle fingers to sandwich the cigar like a cigarette, it difficult and also affects the smoothness of cigar smoking. The correct way to hold a cigar to keep the top third of the cigar with your thumb and index finger. For stability, you can also lean the cigar against the back of your middle finger that bent downward. The grip strength should be moderate should not be too tight not to affect the smooth smoking of the cigar. And should not be too loose to prevent the cigar from falling to the ground.

We have already said that the first mouth of a cigar blows out gently, not sucked. After the first step complete, don’t rush to take the second puff. Anyone familiar with cigars knows that the natural charm of cigars lies in their unhurriedness. So after the first step complete, you should let the cigar burn quietly for a while. This is also better to dispel the odors in the smoke in the cigar. When you smell the natural scent of the cigar, you can start enjoying the cigar.

When smoking a cigar, you can’t be as casual as when smoking a cigarette. Do not smoke too hard. This is because cigar smoke is so robust that most people cannot bear it. Experienced cigar smokers understand that smoking a cigar rarely or at all enters the lungs.

How to smoke a cigar?

The correct way to smoke a cigar

The correct way is to take a puff of cigarette slowly into your mouth. You are circling the cigarette in your mouth for a while. To appreciate the pure richness of the cigar fully. After that, slowly spit out the smoke and indulge in the smoke.

Recalling a past event or fantasizing about beautiful scenery can relax the nerves and cultivate the body and mind. In the specific process of smoking a cigar, you also need to pay attention not to bounce off the cigar’s ash frequently. Because the cigar’s ash has a good role in maintaining the cigar’s temperature, it best to keep an inch To an inch when enjoying the cigar. And half of the soot on the cigar so that you can get a better taste.

All in all, smoking a cigar is different from smoking. Tobacco for lack of understanding while smoking cigars for taste and appreciation, enjoying the cigar, and enjoying the cigar’s rich fragrance. It is more important to feel a part of the comfort to cultivate one’s sentiment. And achieve the purpose of self-cultivation and nourishment.

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