How to thread a needle?

How to thread a needle?

Threading the thread: this is how it works!

Even people who are talented in sewing often despair when trying to thread a thread. The yarn does what it wants, bends in all directions and doesn’t want to go through the eye of the needle that is much too narrow. We have the ultimate tricks for you so that you don’t fail in preparation the next time you try. In this article, we read about How to thread a needle?

At some point, we all sat there with a needle and thread and were almost desperate when we tried to thread the nasty thread. Heaven, ass and thread – it has to work somehow! We think: If you want to learn to sew, you shouldn’t lose your motivation at the first step! To save you a lot of nerves, work and time, we have collected various threading techniques that have been tried and tested by housewives.

Thread the thread with dental floss

If you need to thread a slightly thicker thread, we recommend using dental floss. To do this, cut off a piece of dental floss, put it in a loop and pull the thick thread through the loop. Now all you have to do is guide the two ends of the thin dental floss through the eye and, at the same time, easily thread the thread.

You are similarly successful with a very narrow wire that has just enough stability to be guided through the eye of the needle without the need for a threading aid itself. However, there are special threading aids that work with precisely this technique and have a narrow wire loop at one end.

Work the thread with hairspray.

Another way to avoid annoying patience while threading the thread is to spray the end of the thread with some hairspray. Let the spray dry briefly so that the thread is not only stiff enough to fit through the narrow eye of the needle but also does not split unsightly at the end after you have failed to hit the hole properly for the umpteenth time.

Thread optical aids into the thread

If we hold the needle and thread in the air or front of a light background when threading, it isn’t easy to see exactly where the opening on the needle is. So keep this in mind and always hold both utensils in front of a dark background.

It can also help if you lick the thread briefly to bind the lint at the end of the thread. Like the hairspray trick, the end does not fray and can pass through the eye more easily.

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