How to use Apple Pay?

How to use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay entered Taiwan in 2017, opening a new era of mobile payment. At the beginning of the listing, banks offered a high number of rewards for grabbing customers, but with the increasing penetration rate, Haokang and discounts have gradually been chased by electronic payments such as Jiekou Payment, LINE Pay, and Yushan Pi. However, it still has considerable advantages in terms of safety and convenience. Today Money will tell you how to use Apple Pay? How to set? And which stores are available? And what are the advantages compared with “electronic payment”.

How to bind and use Apple Pay

ApplePay supported models after iPhoneSE and iPhone6, and the oldest model is more than five years old, so it shouldn’t pose a big problem. Next is to choose the credit card and financial card you want to bind. Compared with the listing, the number of banks supported has increased significantly. At present, VISA and Mastercard are still the main ones, but the JCB cards of a few banks have also been opened.

First, in “Settings”, select “Wallet and Apple Pay”, and then click “Add Card”. At this time, the card number and expiration date on the card can be automatically scanned. If the system cannot automatically capture it, you can also select ” Manually enter the card number”, then you only need to enter the security code on the back to complete the setting.

How to use Apple Pay

On models with Face ID (iPhone X, and subsequent models), you can press the side button twice and unlock it through Face ID to make payments with Apple Pay.

For models with Touch ID (iPhone8 and earlier), you can press the home button twice, and then unlock it with Touch ID to make the payment.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple Pay also supports Mac or iPad. You don’t need to carry a heavy computer to the store to pay, but when you encounter a situation where you need to pay online in the Apple Store or Safari, you can pay directly through Apple Pay, saving you input The time of the card number.

Where is Apple used? What are the support stores?

The payment model of Apples Pay is close to paying with a virtual credit card. So the channels are mainly large and chain channels. It is not like other electronics companies to deepen the distribution of night markets and snack bars.

However, based on the existing channels, it has almost covered the main consumption scenes in life. At present, the Kaohsiung MRT can use Apples Pay to pay. If the Taipei MRT is opened in the future, it will bring more convenience to consumers.

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