How to use Google Docs! Introducing useful functions and useful books

How to use google docs

Are you looking for ways to use Google Docs? Then read this article, and it will be solved. This time, we will explain the outline, features, and primary usage of Google Docs with images in detail.

We will also the advantages of using Google Docs and valuable functions that min detail makes telework and remote work more efficient, so if you want to make full use of Google Docs, please refer to it.

What is Google Docs? Introducing features

There is no problem in recognizing it as an “alternative tool to Word.” Here, we will introduce an overview of Google Docs and its essential features.

Tools close to Word

Anyone with a Google account can use Google Docs. It can alter anyone with a Google account can use Google Docs that Word does not have.

*It can use without installation.

*If you have a Google account, Google Docs has the advantage that you can use it without installing it.

*You don’t have to pay a license fee as Word does.

*It can be edited not only on a computer but also on a smartphone such as an iPhone.

*Google Docs has a smartphone app, so you can use it on the go whenever you have an internet connection.

*Also, if you set “Enable offline” in advance, you can edit even in places with no Internet environment. It has the advantage of making it easy to create and edit documents anytime, anywhere.

Share with multiple members to improve work efficiency

You can share Google Docs with multiple members by email address or URL. Collaborate online, even when editorial members separated from each other.

Edited contents are reflected in real-time and saved automatically. Even if a part was accidentally deleted, it could restore from the change history result, the number of teleworkers increasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the number of businesspeople using Google Docs.

According to the results of a cloud storage usage survey conducted by ICT Research Institute on June 8, 2020, Google Drive was the top.

*Customizable with various add-ons

*Google Docs can use even more conveniently by adding add-ons.

I will introduce how to add add-ons later, so please refer to it.

Differences between Google Docs and Word

By understanding the difference between the two, you can use it efficiently.

With or without installation

Word needs to install to use it. Since 2014, Microsoft Office Online, an online version that does not need to install, is also available, but some functions limit.

On the other hand, Google Docs can use without installation if you have a Google account. Documents can create and edited anytime and anywhere with an internet environment.

Can be published as web content

Google Docs can publish as web content. Anyone can easily access the document by setting the URL with the sharing function and publishing it on the Web.

You can also share the URL with the chat tool for easy access by multiple members or enter your email address and send a link with a message to the sharing member.

Multiple people can edit at the same time.

Google Docs can share with multiple members and edited at the same time. Moreover, the edited contents are reflected in real-time. You can create content efficiently online.

Saved automatically

Datastore in the cloud (Google Drive) for Google Docs. Therefore, you can access Google Drive even when you are away from home if you have an internet environment.

Also, your edits are always saved automatically. Even if the power of your computer or smartphone suddenly goes down, the edited contents up to the last minute are saved as long as there is no communication failure.

Benefits of using Google Docs

The most significant merit is that it can be used for free.

Free to use

A license fee will be charged when using Word. On the other hand, Google Docs can be used free of charge by anyone with a Google account. Creating a Google account is also free.

Editable on your smartphone

I also often use the Google Docs smartphone app. For example, if you use a smartphone app, you can write the article structure in a documented example, like a memo in the gap tare out, and fill in the contents after returning home.

It is also easy to add comments to the text created by members while moving.

Work efficiency improve by simultaneous editing

With the simultaneous editing function of Google Docs, one person can type in a text, and the editor can edit or comment on the content.

Your edits reflect in real-time so that you can work efficiently.

You can restore past data.

Data from Google Docs are stored in the cloud and always backed up. In the unlikely event that one of the members deletes the data, you can restore the data before the deletion from the change history.

Ten valuable features of Google Docs

If you take full advantage of the features of Google Docs, you will be able to make telework and remote work more comfortable.


Google Docs provides a wealth of templates. For example, project proposals, meeting memos, documents for new employees, etc. It’s convenient because you don’t have to edit from scratch, so please try it.

Check function

Google Docs has a check function. How to change wifi password For example, you can check for typographical errors, kanji/grammar errors, and count characters.

By the way, the text of this article was also drafted in Google Docs. While I was typing the text I wrote earlier, I wrote “wrong” as “apologize,” but the automatic check function added the red line, so I corrected it in the automatic check function added the red lines Japanese.

Search function

The Google Docs search function is convenient for unifying notations. For example, if the two notations “I” and “I” are mixed, and you want to unify them, you can search for one word with the search function and replace all with either one.

In addition, the search function is proper when you want to change the ending expression to make the sentence easier to read or when you want to check whether the basic information of the client is correct.

Dictionary function

During document creation, you may be asked,  “Which kanji should I use in this case?” In such a case, Google Docs has a dictionary function so you can search immediately.

You can also search for synonyms of words valid when you want to change the wording more.

Voice input function Docs can also be input by voice. For example, if you turn on voice input during an interview, most of the voice can be converted to text on the spot.

You can also stream the content delivered on the radio and convert it into text, or make a note by talking about the content you want to write. It helps to improve the efficiency of transcription and content creation.

Convert to PDF or Word file

Google Docs can be downloaded as a PDF or Word file. In other words, it is easy to share files with people who do not use Google Docs, and it is easy to handle even if the delivery format is specified.

Comments / editing suggestions

Google Docs is an excellent tool for collaborating, but it also has features such as comments and editing suggestions, as well as direct editing.

The comment/edit suggestion function is convenient when you want to keep the state before editing and keep opinions such as “Why don’t you do this?” Or when you want to leave the reference page like a memo.

It also can communicate with messages in response to comments and editing suggestions.

If you’ve been offered an edit, but the message exchanges you’re leaving the original text, you can “reject the suggestion.”

Even if the editorial members are separated from each other, you will improve the content while discussing the document in real-time.

Edit history

Google Docs store and managed in the cloud. Since the edit history also saves automatically, you can restore the original version from the change history even if you want to return to the original text.

You can also give a name to the change history. For example, suppose you name the original edition written by the writer and the edition or final drasuppose edited by the editor. In that case, it will easier to look back on where and how it was proofread.

Various add-ons can. In that case,e used.

Google Docs can extend by adding add-ons. For example, there are the following add-ons.

  • Template Gallery for Docs: You can search and use templates
  • Icons from Flaticon: You can insert icons
  • Translate +: Can translate text
  • DocuSign eSignature: You can stamp your signature / seal
  • Code Blocks: Syntax highlighting of code on documents (color-coded by language attribute)
  • You can see the syntax highlighted screen in the following article, so please refer to it as well.

Introducing recommended theme settings, packages, and shortcuts that will improve development with Atom

No add-on can write vertically.

The only disadvantage of Google Docs may be that they cannot write vertically. You may be looking for an add-on that can be written vertically, but there is no such add-on so far (as of January 2021).

Document creation software that can there is no such add-on write vertically includes  Word. Please refer to it if you need vertical writing for business.

  • Word
  • Ichitaro
  • VerticalEditor
  • Online OCR
  • ABBYY FineReader Online

Also, if you want to use vertical writing in Google Docs, you can paste the vertical writing document as an image with another tool.

G Suite adds ement capabilities.

If you want to use Google Docs for business, How to take screenshots we recommend the groupware “G Suite (paid)” that packages various Google services such as Google Docs.

Compared to the free version, the drive’s storage capacity has increased from 15GB to 30GB, and there is an advantage drive’s storage capacity added.

With the management function, you can set the file sharing range to “internal only” and avoid the risk of accidentally disclosing internal information to the outside.

How to create Google Docs

From here, I will show you how actually to create Google Docs.

To use Google Docs, start by creating a Google account. Creating an account is free and easy.

How to create a Google account and how to access Google Drive are the same as the previously published article on how to use Google Spreadsheets.

If you also can use spreadsheets with Google Docs, please also refer to the following articles.

[For beginners] How to use Google Docs! Introducing useful functions and valuable books

Create a google account

Please create a Google account from this page.

The information needed to create an account

  • First and last name
  • mail address
  • password

You can set a new Gmail address or use a non-Gmail email address. You can also protect your account by entering the account reset information.

This completes the creation of a Google account.

Access Google Drive

Next, how to access Google Drive

To access with a browser, first launch Google Chrome. 

The icons of various Google tools will display in a list, so click the triangle Google Drive icon.

You can now access Google Drive.

Click “+ New” at the top left of the Google Drive screen to display various creation tools.

In the “Google Documents,” When you click, you can create a new document.

By the way, Google Docs has a lot of templates. 

If you want to create a document using a template, move the mouse cursor to “>” to the right of “Google Docs” and click “From Template.”

If you select a template, you can create a new document to which the template applly.

How to decorate characters

Like Word, Google Docs can decorate with various characters. Select the decoration you want from the menu bar at the top.

This time, I will briefly explain the typical decoration.

How to set titles, headings, etc.

If you want to resize or decorate the text according to the title/heading, click the part displayed as “Standard text” in the menu bar.

You drag the text you want to decorate and select the setting you like, you can convert the text as follows.

If you want to convert the text size to any size, click the part where the number display on the menu bar to set it.

How to set bold, italic, underlined, etc.

If you want the text to be bold, italicized, underlined, etc., select it from the menu bar and set it.

How to set text / background-color

If you want the text to breaded or have yellow highlights, you can also set it from the menu bar.

How to insert images, figures, tables, etc.

Images, figures, tables, etc., can insert from the menu bar “Insert.”

In addition to uploaded images, you can insert images from Google Drive, Google Photos, URLs, etc.

How to insert a figure

When inserting a figure, select “Insert”-> “Draw.”

You can insert it from Google Drive or create it on the fly.

To create a new one, select “+ New.” Then the drawing screen display.

You can insert any diagram in your document by creating it and clicking “Save and Exit” in the upper right corner.

How to insert a table

To insert a table , select “Insert”-> “Table” .

At that time, move the mouse cursor to the row/column you want to insert.

If you click it as it is, the table will create and inserted automatically.

How to insert a link

If you want to insert a link in the text, drag the part you want to make a link and click “Insert”-> “Link.”

You can directly enter the URL you want to paste, or you can search the Web and paste it.

How to share Google Docs

You can share Google Docs by specifying an email address, or you can publish the URL and share it. It is convenient because you can also set permissions.

Share by email address

To share with your email address, first, click “Share” in the upper right corner.

Then the sharing setting screen will display, so enter the email address of the person you want to share with and click “Finish.”

Then the message entry screen will display. Editing authority can also set at this time.

Select and set from 3 viewers, viewers (comments allowed), and editors according to the person you want to share with.

If you click “Send,” the other party will send the file link with a message.

The other person can. The other party will send the file link Document” on the mesh link.

Share with link

When sharing with a link, first click “Share” on the upper right.

Then click “Share to everyone who knows the link.”

Then you can get the URL of the file. At this time, you can also set edit authority, so let’s set it in the same way as email address sharing.

How to set permissions

When sharing Google Docs, you can set the permissions of the person you want to share with. I introduced how to set permissions in the sharing method section introduced so far, but permissions can change at any time.

In that case, click the “Share” button to display the person you are currently sharing, and click the current permission displayed on the right side.

Then you can change to another permission.

How to use valuable features of Google Docs

If you know the following functions according to the primary usage, you will streamline remote work and telework work.

How to make editing suggestions and comments

When editing Google Docs with multiple members, the function to add editing suggestions and comments is convenient.

Add an editing suggestion or comment, Make a google account drag the text part you want to put in, and click the icon displayed on the right (blue is the comment, green is the editing suggestion).

You can enter the comment as follows.

For editing suggestions, you can insert: (In this case, the strikethrough that appears disappears when you approve the proposal)

It is also possible to exchange messages for comments and editing suggestions.

If you want to approve a comment or edit a suggestion, click the checkmark on the right. It will no longer display as a confirmed/corrected proposal.

By the way, comments and editing suggestions can also enter from “Insert” on the menu bar.

How to convert to pdf or word file

Google Docs can convert to pdf or word files and downloaded. The method is easy.

Select “File”-> “Download” from the menu bar to display a list of file formats. Please select the file format you want and download it.

Voice input method

Google Docs can also input by voice. First, for the voice input method, click “Tools” → “Voice input” on the menu bar.

Then the microphone icon will appear, so click it to start voice input.

Click to see the icon below. When this icon display, voice input is active.

How to add add-ons

Google Docs can make it easier to use with add-ons. For example, “Pixabay Free Images” is a helpful add-on when you often use free images for documents. is

Let me show you how to add an add-on. First , click “Add-ons”-> “Get add-ons” on the menu bar .

Enter the name of the add-on you want to add in the search window and search.

Then the candidate add-ons will display.

Click “Download” to add the add-on.


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