How to write a conclusion?

How to write a conclusion?

Before going into more depth about writing a conclusion, we have to know what it consists of. The conclusion comes from the Latin word conclusion means bottom, end, or closure. So that is the bottom line of any story, essay, presentation, and article. In the following article, we get to know about How to write a conclusion? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

To clarify what a conclusion is, it is important to highlight that texts or essays can have more than one conclusion according to the extension of the investigation to write a conclusion. To make a good conclusion, you should ask yourself the following:

Objection of text

It is essential to start by remembering the objective of the text. This is based on the fact that the answer to this objective must be considered in conclusion. 

Make a summary

Just read all the text and make a summary of it. The purpose and arguments about the text and the obtained hypothesis are included in the conclusion.

The main idea of the text

Keep in mind all the text’s themes, and don’t skip any information to conclude. Keeping an eye on basic and main concepts will help you write conclusions. The main idea will make your work easier.


The ability to combine is the queen of conclusions, so it is good to be clear about how to make a summary because the good thing is that when you create a conclusion, it is as short as possible. If you are going to write a story or a short text, it is recommended that you include one conclusion that does not exceed a paragraph. In the case of a thorough investigation, 3 or 4 categories can be used depending on their length.

How to start a conclusion

“The End”

In conclusion, it should be noted that the results obtained allow us to confirm that one of the most important outcomes of this epidemic is the impact on mental health.

“At Last”

In conclusion, each study collected serves as evidence of the importance of good sleep habits in life to write a conclusion.

“In that”

We remember that the main body of this matter is the effects of the abuse of young people, it should be noted that among the most important things we receive to write a conclusion.

“According to the above.”

The above may be vaccinated that division is the situation required to overcome painful conditions.

“Complete conclusions”

The conclusions reached by this research are focused on envy as one of the main causes of sexual immorality.

“About the above”

Considering the above, it can be determined that breast milk is the best food for children between 0 and 2 years.

“At Last”

Finally, the most important conclusions found in career development are recorded.


By way of closure, it should be noted that a healthy diet, exercise, and habits such as meditation help to manage anxiety during difficult times.


Finally, it is important to note that the objectives of this study were fully met. Providing results that serve as a basis for responding to the proposed hypothesis.


So, finally, it can be said that the fear of death is one of the most obvious consequences of the epidemic, according to data provided to patients within a  treatment.

“After Meditation”

After analyzing the data of the documents collected, it can be said that teenage pregnancies in Latin America dropped by 20% as set by the World Health Organization.

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