6 Main Reasons to Cite Sources while Paraphrasing


Paraphrasing is not a new thing in the literary world. Over the ages, there have been uncountable instances where students and researchers have submitted paraphrased papers. However, paraphrasing with improper citation may be a problem. While writing a paper, you may need to mention famous quotes and take inspiration from previous works on your subject. In those cases, it is always desirable to mention the papers, sites, assignment help articles, etc., where you have sourced the data.

Here are six main reasons why citation is important! Read along!

  1. Helps to Check the Accuracy

While paraphrasing content, the writer needs to be careful to maintain the accuracy of the content. They need to be extra careful when paraphrasing a scientific article because you need to present more facts and figures. With a proper citation, you can ensure that the facts are accurate. You can compare with the original source and double-check if there are any discrepancies. It also checks for the fidelity of the essay and whether it is related to your study.

  1. Citation makes you a better researcher

The trademark of a good writer is that they must know how to do in-depth research. A major benefit of using citation during paraphrasing is that it seasons you to research extensively every time. You need to look up and validate whatever you are writing. So, you eventually get a better idea of where to look and how to search for the best content.

Additionally, this helps to develop to see the minute details and the ability to analyse patterns and make connections. With better observational skills, you can see many small details like if the pages are correctly numbered, the spelling of the authors is rightly spelt, etc.

  1. Citation makes you a better writer

All writers aspire to be better. They strive to assignment write compelling content and engage the audience. One easy way to do this is to hone your attributes. If you practice citation, that builds a good foundation for the same. When you cite specific sites, that highlights that you are not lazy or sloppy when it comes to writing. Accurate citations also bear the hallmark of a clear thinking process. The audience will immediately know that you have a solid knowledge of what you are writing, and you haven’t just vaguely inserted facts to make your point.

  1. A good bibliography highlights your scientific side

A compilation of all the books, journals, online sites, and academic papers you have referred to write your content is known as the bibliography. When you mention all the sources clearly from where you have copied a quote or took an inspiration, that shows that you have read your sources. This proves that you are a widely read author and bear the hallmark of a well-informed scientist.

  1. Careful citation practices build your credibility as a scholar

Citation is not just showing off your research skills. If you submit a well-cited paper, your peers may perceive you as a deeper and more meaningful person. Well-researched documents and arguments help to build your reputation. That way, you can establish your credibility among your peers.

  1. Citation helps to verify your work

A paper or any piece of writing gets checked multiple times before it gets published on a journal or website. Whether the verifier is your colleague, an editor, or an editorial assistant, they need to track down all the sources mentioned in the bibliography and check if the citations were correctly made or not. So, when it goes through these multiple filtration processes, you get constructive criticism and feedback at every level. Thus, you do not need to worry about verifying your work yourself and honing your skills simultaneously.

Summing Up:

There is a very fine line between paraphrasing and plagiarising. While you may always get inspired by some other work, it is never ok to blatantly copy from it. It doesn’t only demean the original author’s efforts, but it also affects your credibility. If you are a student, you may find yourself expelled or debarred. Even in professional fields, plagiarism is a serious offence. Citation helps you to give the credit where it’s due while increasing the quality of your paper. So, using proper citation while paraphrasing in your paper is always desirable.


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