How to create a new Google account

Make a google account

For reasons related to your new job, you need to use a Google account, which would not be a problem if it weren’t because you already have an account related to the popular services of the Mountain View giant. From the moment you have no intention of using your account, you wonder if there is the possibility of creating a new Google account, which you will use only for the business mentioned above reasons.

How do you say? Are things like this? I imagined. , If you have absolutely nothing to worry about. This is a widespread request that I want to answer. Yes, creating a new Google account is possible. It is also correct that you know that this is a straightforward procedure even if you do not think you are very practical with using the computer and, more generally, you are a bit tech person.

So are you reading this guide because you would need a hand in carrying out the procedure for creating a new Google account? Okay, there is no problem whatsoever. I am thrilled to be able to help you. How to take screenshot All you need is a few minutes of free time to follow the instructions I am about to give you correctly. During this tutorial, I will first explain how to create a new Google account from a Windows PC or Mac using the desktop browser. For greater completeness of information, I will also explain how you can perform the procedure also from Android and iOS mobile devices. Having made these introductory premises, are you ready to get started? Follow my instructions step by step; I wish you a good read.

How to create a new Google account from Windows PC and Mac

As I explained to you in introducing this guide, creating a new Google account is a procedure that can be completed using more than one device. If at the time of reading this guide, you are in front of your Windows PC or you are using a Mac, then you can proceed by following the instructions that I will give you in the lines below.

First, you need to open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet (to give an example, Google Chrome or Safari ): once you have opened your favorite browser program (it is not so important which it is), you need to connect to the main page of the Google search engine of the same name.

To do this, if the Google website has not already been set as the home page when opening the browser, type the website www. google. It is the address bar, and then press the Enter button on your keyboard. Computer. Done? Very well! Now, wait for the search engine home page to load; when the upload is complete, click on the Sign-in button, which you can see located at the top right.

A new page will then open in your browser where you will be asked to log in to Google by entering your login details. Obviously, in this case, Since you intend to create a new Google account. You do not have to type in any email address that you have previously registered.

Create an account

Instead, what you have to do to continue with creating a new Google account, is to click on the word Create an account that you can find below. Finally, here we are: you are in the presence of a screen called Create your Google account, and you will be able to see the form relating to the registration of a new Google account.

Before proceeding with the detailed explanation regarding. The practical creation of an account. I remind you that creating a new Google account. It Will not involve any outlay of money. If you need it. You can create more than Google accounts. In a completely free way to access all the services. Related to the Mountain View company using a single account.

The account that you will create through the procedure. That I will show you shortly will also use Google services such as Gmail. Google Drive, Youtube, Play Store, and much more. You will therefore not need to individually create an account for each Google service you wish to use.

That said, we can move on to practice and see in detail how to create a new Google account. From the screen you are in, the one relating to filling out the registration. Form for creating a new Google account. You must type in a series of information requested. Specifically, take advantage of the following text boxes:

These Are Some points 

  • Name and Surname: in these text fields, you have to type your name and surname.
  • Username: to create a new Google account, you need to type the username you want to associate with the email address. Note that you can only use letters, numbers, or dots. For example, salvatorearanzulla1 or Salvatore. aranzulla2 is a valid username. You cannot use special characters such as * or # instead (for example, s @ elevator & is not a valid username). The username you entered will be associated with @ creating a Google account. You will then be automatically provided with a Gmail e-mail address whose initial part will correspond to your chosen username.
  • Password and Confirm password: through these text fields, you must type the password to access Google services.
  • Date of birth: through the respective text fields and the drop-down menu, indicate your data.

Once you have entered all the required data, go ahead. Then choose whether to provide a  recovery email address and a  mobile number to be used in case of loss of account access data, recover them, and provide date of birth and gender: After that, go ahead.

Now read the Google terms of service carefully, put the checkmark next to the two boxes at the bottom of the page and press the Create Account button to complete the procedure. Look in detail what data were were sharing with Google ( web and app activitypersonalized adssearch history, and YouTubeYouTube historylocation history, and voice and audio work ), click on the item  Other options.

Congratulations, you have finished the procedure for creating a new Google account; you can start using it to use all the Google services I told you about.

How to create a new Google account on Android

You would need to create a new Google account but. At this moment. You cannot carry out the procedure indicated by me through your trusted PC or Mac? Do you need to create a new account relating to Google services and? High protein foods Since you are away from home at the moment. Can you only act as a smartphone or tablet? It’s not a problem. Creating a new Google account can be performed straightforwardly. Even from Android devices. Follow the directions I am about to give you. You will see that you cannot go wrong.

Creating a new Google account from an Android smartphone is a breeze. All you have to do is tap on the application related to your device’s Settings (usually, it is that app that has a gear symbol  ). You will then find yourself in your smartphone or tablet settings screen: then locate the Account item and tap on it.

You will find the Google address you added and configured previously; to create a new Google account, you must now tap on the Add Account item. On the next screen, tap on the Google entry (it has the Google “G” symbol). This way, you can proceed to create your new account. As I explained earlier, creating a new Google account will also provide you with a new Gmail email address.

Add Account

After you have pressed on the Google item. A new screen will open where you will be asked to log. In with the data relating to a Google account you already have. At this point, tap on Create account: you will be able to proceed with creating your new Google account by filling out the registration form I mentioned in the previous lines.

Then indicate your name, surname, date of birth, gender, username, and password. Choose whether to provide your mobile number, accept the terms of service, and press  Create an account to complete the procedure. Best electric pressure washer If you want more granular control over privacy and choose the data to share with Google, tap on the Other options.

The Google account you just created will automatically added to the list of those linked to your Android device. To use the various services made available by “big G” ( Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Photos ) individually, you need to download the individual applications from the Play Store and log in with the account data you just created.

How to create a new Google account on iPhone

To carry out the procedure for creating a new Google account from your iOS device, I recommend that you proceed by downloading the Gmail application from the App Store. I suggest you proceed in this way. But you can also use the browser you usually use to browse the Internet. Visit the main Google page. And proceed as indicated in the previous lines.

The procedure that you can follow to create a Google account. From a browser for a mobile device is the same. I have indicated for PC and Mac via a desktop browser. As an alternative. Once you have installed the Gmail application on your iOS device. Press the Login button on the main screen.

At this point, however, instead of logging in with your previously registered Google account, tap on the wording  + Added account. Now click on the Continue button. A web page will open where you will have to press on the wording More options and create an account.

To complete your new Google account, all you have to do is type in all the data requested and then click on Next: the procedure is the same as the one I indicated in the previous lines.


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