What are scallops?

What are scallops

A basic introduction to scallops

The scallop is a representative name for the bivalve mollusk of the scallop genus, and there are about 400 species. More than 60 species of this family are one of the critical marine fishery resources around the world. The shell, meat, and nacre have extremely high utilization value. Whether in Eastern or Western recipes, scallops are a trendy shellfish food. There are two types of meat in scallopses, one is the introverted muscle of the scallop, which is white and very fleshy, and the other is the meat distributed around the introverted muscle, which is red and very soft. Usually, the heart in scallops uses only the introverted muscle as a food ingredient, while the surrounding red meat is discarded.

Scallops have two shells, almost equal in size. The shell surface is generally purple-brown, light brown, yellow-brown, red-brown, apricot yellow, and off-white. The inner surface of the baker is white, and the muscles in the shell are the edible parts. The closed-shell muscles are white, delicate, delicious, and nutritious. The dried adductor muscle is called “scallops” and is listed as one of the eight treasures.

The efficacy and function of scallops

1. Strengthen the brain.

Scallops are rich in carbohydrates, the energy necessary to maintain brain function.

2. Spleen and stomach

Scallops are suitable for symptoms such as weakness of the spleen, abdominal distension, loose stools, loss of appetite, fatigue, and weakness of the limbs caused by a weak spleen. Warm the stomach, treat stomach cold syndrome.

3. Skincare and skincare

Scallopses are rich in vitamin E, which can inhibit skin aging and prevent pigmentation. Eliminate skin damages such as dry skin and itching caused by skin allergies or infections.

4. Anti-tumor and anti-tumor

scallops are effective in preventing cancer and reducing the incidence of cancer. Delay and inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells. Make cancer cells degenerate and shrink.

The purchase of scallops

Fresh scallops have standard color and luster, no peculiar smell, smooth to the touch, and good elasticity; stale scallopses have diminished or dull color, sour taste, sticky touch, and poor elasticity. Fresh ark shells are yellow-brown, or light yellow-brown, shiny, and elastic; thick ark shells are gray-yellow or light green, dull and inelastic.

Storage of scallops

  • freezing.

How to eat scallops

  1. In Western recipes, scallopses are usually processed in butter or fried with bread flour. When eating normally accompanied by dry white grape wine.
  2. In European recipes, scallops eat with quiche or fried as an appetizer.
  3. In oriental recipes, Japanese people like to eat scallopses with their sushi and sashimi, while Chinese people eat scallopses mainly in Guangdong, and Guangdong people want to use scallopses in soup.
  4. The shellfish itself is rich in umami flavor. Don’t add MSG or add more salt when cooking to avoid losing the umami flavor, and the intestines in the shellfish should not eaten.
  5. Do not eat unripe shellfish to avoid infection of hepatitis and other diseases.
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