Heat Pump Dryer: What It Is And How To Choose It

Heat pump dryer

How to choose a heat pump dryer? Many ask themselves… but let’s start from the beginning.

Until a few years ago, it was thought that the dryer was not an essential appliance like the washing machine or dishwasher. Over time, the dishwasher has won a place in many homes in the same way as the washing machine. Therefore, if the dryer’s purchaser could only make sense in cold regions that forced many people to have the clothesline constantly around the house, over time,e things have changed  regarding delicate linen and wool garment considerably,

There are not a few, in fact, those who have bought a dryer and those who are considering whether to buy it, wondering if it is worth it or not.

We w.ill explain what is meant by a heathe dryer’sryeressentialh parameters to evaluate before purchasing.

What does heat pump dryer mean?

Before asking yourself, “How to choose the dryer?” It is essential to understand what the heat pump dryer is and how it works.

How does the heat pump dryer work?

The heat pump dryer works utilizing a fan that sucks in the air from the surrounding environment and transfers it to a resistance that heats it. At this point, the air reaches the drum inside which there are the clothes that can drive. The garments do not crease a lot or roll up one with the other. The basket will not turn in one direction but will alternate its movement.

In most models, the humidity is expelled by condensation, i.e., through a condensation,r it transforms into water.

The heat pump dryer does not damage the clothes. 

Few people will have told you that the tumble dryer will ruin the clothes or that the dried clothes will particularly wrinkled. Nothing could be more false. The dryer does not ruin and wrinkle the clothes. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that the first dryers crushed the clothes considerably, sometimes damaging them, but now this is no longer the ca,se.

The latest generation dryer,s through heat pump technology do not damage the clothes even if subjected to high temperatures. On the contrary, drying gives softness to the fibers as it eliminates the calcifying elements present in the water. Furthermore, there are programs specially programmed for this type of fabric regarding delicate linen and wool garments.

Dryer programs

How to choose the heat pump dryer? Also, choose it according to the programs. First of all, it should be noted that, in principle, all dryers are specifically designed not to damage the fabrics and facilitate ironing. In any case, the needs are different, and there are special programs that often prove to be very useful and that not all dryers have.

Below we indicate the vast majority of programs that characterize the dryer, which may vary according to the model and brand.

Scheduled ignition

In almost all dryer models, it is possible to program the ignition that can occur even many hours later, making it work at night. It is instrumental in having a two-rate electricity contract that saves you money, or in any case, according to your needs.

Heads baby

This program is used to dry children’s clothes, which are certainly more delicate and require gentle drying.


This program is by no means trivial. It allows perfect drying of jeans, even in the case of thicker denim. The jeans will be perfectly dry. Even in the pockets, they will be soft and sbe not only dry iron. Some jeans will be dry and gentle and not wrinkled and can be worn immediately, depending on the type of denim.


Go to the gym? Many dryers have this type of program that allows you to dry sportswear made of synthetic fibers.


A specific program for curtains that provides a delicate and perfect dryer of the curtains


An ad hoc drying program for athletic shoes involves using a particular container that can be fixed inside the basket, preventing deforming shoes.


A program that allows you to dry a few items but in a short time. Very useful in case of sudden departures or business trips. When you need a clean and dried garment as soon as possible, this function will allow you to dry it in 30 minutes maximum.

Ready-to-iron cotton and wardrobe-ready cotton

These two functions are handy as they allow you to choose the drying of cotton garments according to your needs. In garments such as shirts, ready-to-iron drying will enable shirts to be dried and very easy to iron. While for sweaters, tank tops, and tops, fold them and put them in the closet.


This function is beneficial as it allows you to refresh your clothes in about 10 minutes. Therefore it is excellent if you want to refresh your bedroom or living room cushions.

Power consumptions

How to choose the dryer? Indeed a parameter to consider is that of electricity consumption.

First of all, it should be noted that the dryer consumes more than other appliances in general. However, it is necessary to make the critical differences.

Class B and C dryers, which generally have a lower purchase cost, consume a lot, from 3 to 5 kWh per cycle.

An A +++ dryer consumes about two kwh for a complete cycle and about 1.2 kWh for a half load.

Therefore, before buying a heat pump dryer,  always check the energy class it belongs to. You will undoubtedly benefit from it in the long term.

Furthermore, a heat pump dryer is heated by a refrigerant gas compressor that produces heat and condenses the clothes’ humidity. This is a factor not to underestimate as it certainly involves considerable savings.

The technology of a heat pump dryer is the same as that of a refrigerator. Therefore the heat present in the drum dries the clothes through a fan.

The savings of a heat pump dryer can be as much as 50%  in terms of electricity consumption, not underestimating the importance of the appliance’s maintenance, which we will discuss in detail later.

Furthermore, some models are generally equipped with sensors that detect the humidity level, the laundry’s quantity and calibrate t  drying time based on these two parameters. In this way, drying and consumption times reduce.

The purchase cost, evaluating these parameters, will be higher, but the years’ savings will be considerable.

How to choose the dryer: the basic parameters

Before buying the dryer, How-to make an omelet it is essential to evaluate some pa parameters so that the purchase can satisfy all your needs.

Therefore, when you ask yourself “how to choose the dryer,” consider the following parameters very carefully.

  • Make and model of the heat pump dryer;
  • The load capacity of the tumble dryer;
  • With consumed by a whole cycle for drying cotton garments;
  • The noise of the washing machine, generally expressed in decibels;
  • Measurements of the dryer;
  • Dryer programs;
  • Energy efficiency class.

Maintenance of the dryer

For the dryer to last over time, not to damage, and at the same time to contribute to energy saving, the maintenance of the appliance must be daily and adequate.

In reality, the maintenance of the dryer is straightforward. It would help if you made it a rule and a habit.

  • The heat pump dryer can work well in an environment that does not exceed 35 ° centigrade;
  • At the end of each drying, it is necessary to clean the filter, which generally positions inside the drum;
  • If the condenser is a removable container, it must empties at the end of each wash;
  • Do not exceed the indicated load. As a result, it may be an imperfect dryer and increase energy consumption.

Where and how to place the dryer

When asked how to choose the dryer, there are not a few people who think about where and how to place it.

If you don’t have room for the dryer, a good solution could be to place it on the washing machine. There are, in fact, stackable dryers.

In this regard, it is necessary to highlight that the dryer has a depth that varies from 60 to 63 cm, so if you want to place it above the washing machine, the centers must be the same to avoid domestic accidents. It’s best to avoid DIY wall fixings and instead opt for dryer lock systems certified and safe.

If you want to place the dryer in a different room than where the washing machine is located, this is still not a problem as the dryer does not need a water drain and only needs an electrical outlet.

Remember that it is preferable not to embed the dryer inside a piece of furniture as thermal jumps could damage it.

Read the labels of the garments.

To ensure that the dryer can give the best results, it is essential to carefully read the garments’ labels.

The garments characterize by a label consisting of symbols that identify a particular appliance, including the dryer.

Specifically, the dryer symbol can provide the following information:

  • It’s cannot use
  • It can use at low temperatures
  • It can use at high temperatures
  • You can use

Heat pump dryer prices and models

The price of heat pump dryers varies from 500 euros upwards, depending on the model, brand, and performance.

A very competitive dryer brand on the market, but at the same time able to guarantee excellent performance and results, is Beko.

The best model for the dryer is  Beko DS7433RX0. It is a heat pump dryer with an LCD and offers the following programs: delayed start, extra dry cotton, ready-to-iron cotton, wardrobe-ready cotton, jeans, baby protect, delicates, night, wool. Energy class A +++ 7 kg. Generally, the price of this appliance is around 450.00 euros. Here you will find it at a lower price.

How to buy the heat pump dryer: valuable tips

If you are thinking of buying a dryer, consider a few things before doing it:

– measure the space you have available in the room where you want to insert the dryer;

– if there is not enough space, you can install the column dryer on the washing machine;

If you can always opt for a model that includes the standard water connection or the condensate container, you can have the double option about the installation and not have problems.

– buy a model of energy class A +++ so that you can save on your electricity bill;

– based on the needs and components of the house, opt for a model of at least 7 kg;

– before buying the product, always look for and read the technical datasheet.


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