How to save a life?

How to save a life

Imagine a person collapsing in front of you. What would you do? Would you ask for help? Would you run from the incident’s spot? Or would you do something yourself to rescue the person?
My two cents go for the option that you will undoubtedly run away! You need to realize that you have the aptitude to aid others. However, numerous events and situations occur suddenly and require an immediate response.
You can help save a life by practicing many measures regularly. Some of them denote below:

Blood Donation Drive:

It is an important yet commonly practiced way of saving lives. You should regularly ( every month) donate blood to blood banks because you never know when scarcity occurs. It is the most primary initiative step in saving people from dying due to deprivation of adequate amounts of blood supply.
So, it would be wise to initiate a blood drive in your locality or your workplace where you could quickly motivate people and yourself to indulge in this noble cause.

Donation of Blood Plasma to save a life

It is essential to know what blood plasma is and how donating blood plasma will save lives.
Blood plasma is a yellowish sticky liquid, a principal constituent of blood other than hemoglobin and white blood cells. You might have noticed that when you get a cut or get hurt on your knee or arm, the wound dries after blood flow. That ability of blood to dry and heal the hurt region is the magic of plasma. It fully loads with clot formation capability.
In case of deficiency, the wound doesn’t heal, and blood may not cease to flow. So if you are willing to donate some from an ample amount of plasma, you are one step closer to saving a life.

Practice and Preach “not to smoke”:

Smoking kills, says the cigarette box itself. Yet, people very much indulged in tobacco as it is allegedly said that it removes anxiety and tension. It is a psychologically created concept by people and nothing else!

It affects not only the person practicing it but also those who are present in the surroundings. They are unintentionally becoming passive smokers. Most of the time, the death toll strikes up due to frequently occurring heart attacks. So leave this bad habit to smoke and make a difference by saving one life.

Monetary Donation to save a life

People, every year, die of hunger and poverty all over the world. Street hawkers and beggars are evident self-explanatory examples who ultimately quit living or commit suicide when they do not have anything to eat or support the family.
It would be a more significant step in saving a life by donating some monetary amount to worthy NGOs. You don’t know whether they would do justice in the distribution or not; it is a game of blind faith based on good word of mouth and popularity.

Conclusive Remarks:

It is a noble act of kindness to save a life and make a difference by your presence. Many many philanthropists are an example of these activities. Were they born to do this?
They had a good sense of realization and emotional well being which motivated them to step up. You can be one of them too!

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