How to get a business license?

How to get a business license?

When you can get a trade license in Germany is regulated. For this, of course, some conditions must first be met. Among other things, that you have all the necessary documents ready. In the following article, we get to know about How to get a business license? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

You should also expect that you should have some money with you. Because many can start a business, run it over a more extended time and cover the entire costs, not everyone.

How to get a business license

If you want to get a trade license, you first have to go to the responsible trade office in the city. In large cities, several offices may be active there. You can find out who is responsible for you with a simple phone call. In some trade offices, you have to make an appointment to carry out the business registration.

For others, it is enough to appear at the trade office. But then it can also be that you have to wait a little longer because the queue can be longer.

Another way you can register your business is to do so online. More and more cities are offering this service, which is a considerable relief for most people.

The electronic signature would not be fully permitted in some cities, so you would have to send it by post to the trade office or appear in person on site. 

What do you need for the business registration?

A valid identity card or passport, a registration confirmation or, as a non-EU citizen to get a business license to get a business license, a residence permit, depending on the type of business, additional documents may be required, such as a police clearance certificate, a craft card, or a health certificate, if the company is in The commercial register is, an excerpt from it, as a minor you also need the permission of the legal guardian, if you cannot appear on site yourself, then you have to give a person a power of attorney. This person must then also have an identity card and a confirmation of registration with them.

What does the business registration cost?

The processing fee for registering a business is around 20 to 60 euros. It can differ from city to city to get a business license. Many assume that the business registration itself directly certifies the trade license.

But that’s not how it is. Instead, it is the result of the business registration. You can get a form from the trade office, which you have to fill out to get a business license. This is then stamped, signed and the copy of this form then acts as a trade license.

However, this does not yet allow you to earn money with commercial activity. You are only authorized to do this after you have completed and returned the form for tax registration and received the tax number for the business.

Who has to apply for a trade license?

In Germany, it is clearly defined who has to apply for a trade license. There is a branch of the profession that is exempt from trade. These belong to the catalog and catalog-like domains. These include:

Waste management consultant,

site manager,


electrical engineer,


graphic artist,








These professionals have to present themselves to the tax office and apply for the tax registration questionnaire and the tax number to get a business license. It also applies to these professions that they do not have to pay trade tax and do not have to join the IHK. All other professional groups and industries must apply for a trade license.

When do you have to register a trade?

You have to register a business immediately if the activity to profit is consciously carried out several times. Exceptions, who do not have to apply for the business registration, are, on the one hand, freelancers and, on the other hand, people who generate a profit of fewer than 410 euros per year with their work. All others are obliged to complete the business registration as soon as possible.

There is also the option to register the trade retrospectively. You have up to 60 months for this. Nevertheless, it would help if you didn’t take this time, as the office can impose a fine of around 1000 euros and more. Although these tend to be lenient with relatively low amounts, you should not rely on them and get the business registration over and done with as soon as possible.

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