How to paint a room?

How to paint a room

Are you thinking of painting your room but not knowing how to accomplish this task? Then you have landed at the right place. Here we will discuss the step-by-step process of painting a room so that you may not find it difficult. In the following article, we get to know about How to paint a room? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Step 1

Remove all furniture

The first thing you need to do before painting any room is remove all the furniture from that room you will paint. Because paint stains are too difficult to remove, they can last forever on furniture that looks bad. If you can’t remove furniture from the room, then keep it in the center and cover it with big clothes and plastics to save them from paint.

Step 2

Gather all supplies

The next thing you need to do is to gather all the supplies. It would help if you did it first to save your time. So gather up all the things before starting painting rooms.

Step 3

Get good-quality painting tools.

Good quality painting tools are more costly than low-quality ones, but they do your work easier and give you a neat and clean look. These tools include painting brushes, roller covers, tapes, masking, drop cloths, plastic sheeting, paint remover, paint bucket, caulking tools, and patching. Always buy these tools from your trusted shops since they can give you better quality tools, and you can trust them.

Step 4

Cover flooring

Paint stains can fall anywhere, and you must cover everything present in the room, including the floor. You can use a big cloth or plastic sheet for this purpose. Paint stains are difficult to remove, so it is better to take these precautions before you start painting your room.

Step 5

Masking room

Professional painters do not need a masking room since they are experts and can paint a room without masking or taping, or if you are doing it yourself, then masking is compulsory to avoid any mess. It can be a time-consuming process and costly too. So always be careful while masking. It would be better to get your house painted by a professional painter if you do not want to spend extra money on masking.

Step 6

Removing switchplates

Next, you need to remove switchplates. Just take a screwdriver and remove them. But keep them in a safe place because they can be lost, and it would create problems. Bare wires can be dangerous for you as well. 

Step 7

Rolling first coat

Now it’s time to apply the first coat of paint. Take any good color paints. Always try to go for colors that look good to the eyes and are not too dark. Bright colors are always a good choice for rooms. Take a good-quality brush and start painting the room. The first coat doesn’t look good because it doesn’t give a neat look, so the second and third coats would be required to complete the painting process.

Step 8

Paint cut-ins and corners

Never forget to paint cut-ins and corners properly. Paint them first and then go to other areas. Here you do not need masking tape. 

Step 9

Second coat

The second coat is a must for proper or neat paint. Use an 8-inch roller for this purpose. Drip the roller in paint and start rolling it on the walls. 

Step 10

Final touch

Now is the time to give the final touch. It can be painted during the final touch if you leave any place while painting. These are the steps you need to follow while painting.

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