How long can you go without water?

How long can you go without water?

It is a fact that 75% of our body is dependent on water and the amount of consumption depends on the mass a body has. Adequate intake of water is significant for a healthy life. Water has plenty of benefits for the human body and health. H2O is not just required to live, but it has a lot to do with the smooth functioning of human organs and healthy skin.

Here the question is, how long can you go without water in general? So the answer to this question is, a human can hardly survive for three days without H2O. There are maximum chances that you will not make it up more than three days or maybe less. Water is a thing on which our health and life are dependent. Some important factors happen in your body when you don’t drink enough water.

How long can you go without water

What happens if You are Not Consuming Enough Amount of Water

Generally, it is recommended to have at least 8-10 glasses of H2O every day. The requirement of water is different in both males and females. According to the body’s mass and medical history, one should know how much H2O is required.

There are so many free radicals occurring in our body that exit our body through urine with the help of a sufficient intake of H2O. If we do not drink enough water, our kidneys will not function properly. We need water to digest our food, cleanse our liver, and so much more. If a person is not drinking enough water, they will have disturbed organs, dry and dead skin, and chapped lips. One of the problems also includes that a person who does not consume enough fluid is more likely to have a headache than a person who drinks sufficient water.

Why Women Should Drink Enough H2O

Here comes a part women must be interested in. One of its advantages is that water has many health benefits that it gives you healthy, glowing, and flawless skin. Women tend to be more conscious when it comes to skin and beauty. Hey, ladies, if you want to achieve good skin, keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. No matter how much money you spend on cosmetic surgeries or skincare products, it is all useless if you are not habitual in hydrating your body.

However, despite good and flawless skin. Water has miraculous results in maintaining a good and attractive physique or losing weight. As is mentioned above, women are comparatively more conscious about their appearance and health than men. Water helps to boost your metabolism, especially if it is lukewarm. Lukewarm water is helpful to remove impurities from your body. And to give you fresh and healthy skin and lose weight. It is suggested to drink two glasses of H2O before and after 45 minutes of every meal to have a smooth digestive system and lose weight more quickly.

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