How much do flight attendants make

How much do flight attendants make

How much do flight attendants make? You won’t get any earnings during your flight attendant training, but you will get a respectable starting salary very quickly. The training does not last several years, but often only several weeks. During this time, the costs for accommodation and training can be borne by the airline itself.

Do I have to pay for flight attendant training? How much do flight attendants make?

Depending on the airline, the training is either paid or free of charge, but usually, an expense allowance of 380 euros per month is required. The positive: The training is limited to a time frame of several weeks, but not more than 6 months – your career entry will not take long and you can celebrate your flight attendant career with the first salary as soon as you have passed the final exam.

How much do I earn after completing my flight attendant training?  How much do flight attendants make?

The salary of flight attendants differs greatly depending on the airline. You should also note that your salary consists of a fixed amount, the base salary, and various allowances. In most cases, you will earn no less than € 1500 gross per month. With the additional services, you can even quickly get around 2000 euros. The allowances include, for example, payments for overtime or sales onboard. If you sell a lot of products during the flight, it will pay off through commissions or profit-sharing. Another useful compensation that benefits your earnings is the absence allowance per day – when you are on the road for a long time.

How much can I earn later as a flight attendant?

In addition to the allowances, you also benefit from many perks. After six months with the company, you and your close relatives, i.e. family members, children, and life partners, will receive discounted flight tickets. Discounts on hotels, rental cars, or insurance are also common – that’s when the next vacation can come. Especially if you earn around 2500 euros gross a month. Your income will be in this range after six years. If you want to increase your salary as a flight attendant through a promotion, you should aim for the position of the purser, i.e. the “lead flight attendant”. Purser can earn a gross salary of up to 7,000 euros. This clearly means that they are among the big earners.

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