How to install ring doorbell?

How to install ring doorbell?

To announce the arrival of guests in your home, a pleasant sound, which spreads throughout the house, but which does not disturb or irritate, is ideal: whether it is the classic line dlon or a ringtone inspired by a famous musical theme, a well-functioning doorbell is a fundamental device for your home. The options on the market are many: from the most common doorbells to be “connected” to the electrical system up to wireless doorbells, we can choose the model we like best, always remembering that functionality is the most important aspect to consider. Here is a brief explanation on how to install a doorbell. In this article, we read about How to install ring doorbell?

Installing a doorbell: a few easy steps

Doorbell-b-ticinoInstalling a doorbell is quick and easy. Once you have chosen your favorite doorbell model , just arm yourself with a screwdriver and insulating tape and proceed with the installation. As always, if you have little confidence with electricity, it is good to rely on the expert hands of a professional: and let’s not forget, before starting, to disconnect the electricity!

Alternating current ringtone , button and transformer are the components of a doorbell system. The transformer reduces the voltage of the house current to those 12-16 volts sufficient to make the doorbell work: before buying it, therefore, you must make sure that it is suitable for supplying the right voltage. In newer models, the transformer built into the unit and it not necessary to buy it separately.

Electrical Box and Walled Up to install ring doorbell

The transformer must be placed in a special electrical box and walled up: at this point, the neutral and phase conductor cables must be connected to the terminals of the transformer. The secondary terminals must be connected to the ring and pushbutton wires, respectively the red conductor and the black conductor, and then the two white wires must be connected together. The transformer box is then inserted into the wall and closed with a mask with ventilation holes. Then, once the conductor wires have been connected to the terminals, the bell and the button must be embedded in the electrical wall box, locking it, and the mask. The doorbell is now ready to be tested.

We remind you to do all these operations safely and, if you are not very familiar with electrical systems, ask for the help of an experienced electrician. The cables must well insulated and the electrical system must safe: even for something as simple as installing a bell, caution and attention required.

A battery-powered device, of course, is much easier to install because there is no need for transformers and electrical connections. It is important to carefully evaluate your needs and choose a suitable doorbell to satisfy them optimally.

The wireless doorbell: simple and practical to install ring doorbell

doorbell-wi-fi wireless doorbell is an excellent solution. Those who do not want to get their hands on the home electrical system. Equipped with a battery, the wireless doorbells consist of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver can battery-operated or supplied with a power cable to connect to the electrical socket. The transmitter, which emits a radio frequency signal. Can place next to the entrance door (or gate). Fixing it with a specific adhesive or screws.

The advantages of choosing a wireless doorbell are different. The ease of installation compared to the “classic” electric bell. And the ability to place the receiver where you want and move it. According to the needs of the moment. In addition, multiple transmitters and multiple receivers can install.

Compared to “traditional” doorbells, the costs are generally slightly higher. But the greater expense offset by the ease and convenience of use. For example, it can be very useful in case of renovation. Or if you live in a house in rent and you cannot. Or want to do any work on a “structural” level. Even as minimal as installing a doorbell. In some models, the cheaper ones. Some interference may occur in the signal transmission, causing malfunction. The advice is always to buy medium-high quality products.

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