How to apply eyeliner?

How to apply eyeliner?

When we talk about eyeliner, we constantly and in any case think of only one thing: how difficult it is to apply it! Even the most experienced girls know that smudges, crooked lines and panda eyes are always lurking, ready to ruin our makeup! But as you can imagine, beauty is full of many secrets and homemade methods to solve all these problems!

The scotch technique has been used for a long time and remains one of the best! The basic version consists of putting a small piece of adhesive tape in the lower part of the eye and arranging it to give us a guideline for making the famous “tail”.

This system is excellent for beginners because they can practice in comfort but at the same time learn how to draw perfect lines. But those who fight eyeliner every day know that the problem is not only in the dear little tail but also in the line that runs on the eyelid.

How many of you have found yourself with a gorgeous thin line on one eye and a giant smudge on the other? To prevent this from happening to apply eyeliner, you can create actual stencils with the pieces of scotch tape, creating the shape you want to give to your makeup on the eye and then filling it all with colour! 


If you don’t want to use a thousand pieces of scotch tape for makeup and you want a more practical, convenient, and faster system, there are many stencils on the market that can do it for you!

Lately, the cat-shaped one the most used on social media, which can rotate in various ways to obtain lines with different shapes. But there are all types and all brands, among which one of the most famous is undoubtedly that of the Beauty Blender (which reminds me of the shape of the pick, that gadget for playing the guitar! ).

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