How to apply for an ABN?

How to apply for an ABN?

An ABN number is necessary for a person who wants to run a business in Australia. First, we should know what an ABN number is? ABN number is an 11 digit number necessary to identify your business to the government and other people. It is issued by the Australian Business Register operated by the Australian Taxation Office. In the following article, we learn how to apply for an ABN? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Now there are steps on how to apply for ABN Number. 

Applying for an ABN

There are seven steps to applying for the ABN. 

1 Go to the site to apply for an ABN

Go on Google search ABR it will show a website of ABR. Please open it and write here applying for ABN. It will land you on the ABR site to apply for an ABN. Here you can see a yellow button to use for your ABN. Click the button. As you click the button, another page will open Infront of you that carries step 2, which is:

2 Agreement process

This page has very important information. Read this carefully and click the Yes button if you agree to all the rules and regulations and press the Next. 

The “Next” button leads you to the next step, which is 

3 Entitlement step

Here they will ask you about your business entity. If you are a student, choose a sole trader option because, as a student, you can’t run a company in Australia. But if you are a Businessman, you can choose according to your position. Next are 3 or 4 more questions that you will answer according to your business type and situation. After filling this up, you will be entitled to an ABN number.

4 Details of Application to apply for an ABN

This step has four questions 

  1. Have you ever had an ABN number before? Yes or no, you will answer it “No.”
  2. Are you applying for ABN? Answer it “Yes.”
  3. Do you already have a tax file number? Answer it “Yes.”
  4. Do you wish to apply for a tax file number? Answer it “No.”

Then press the “Next” button on the page.

5 Information of your business to apply for an ABN

It is the longest part of the application. First, they will ask 

Are you a resident for tax purposes? The answer is “yes.” Then select the “Next” button.

There will be an application form where you will have to fill up all the required details like your name, date of birth, TFN number to apply for an ABN. Then select “Next.”

Here are the  Business Activity Details. Here they ask ABN to provide a date from you. And the type of business fills it up as you want. Press” Next.”

After that, they will ask for business address details like your business address, email, work number, and mobile number to apply for an ABN. And then, there will be questions about positions held in the business, business contact details, and preferred language. Then press” Next.”

6 Reason for Application to apply for an ABN

Here is the question of why you are applying for an ABN number. 

7 Declaration

On this page, they will tell you to print your application form because, after submission, you can’t do this to apply for an ABN. Next, they say that don’t write the misleading and wrong information in the question; otherwise, you will be fined. 

And lastly, you will declare that you provide all the details and information about you and your business is true. Then press the submit button, and your application for the ABN number will be introduced. You will receive your ABN number at the said time or in any problem. The ABR team will call to inform you of the refusal of your application. And you could reapply or fix the problem to apply for an ABN.


In short, applying for an ABN number is not so difficult after having a guideline. It’s easy to use and free of cost.

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