How to stop hiccups?

How to stop hiccups?

Some habits that person adopted from the environment and performs it. At the same time, some are come up automatically by noticing other people doing it like dosing. However, sneezing, dosing, hiccups, etc., all naturally happen. 

Hiccups are usually caused by taking drinks or food fastly. According to science, the diaphragm, responsible for the breathing process, holds something that stops air from entering. Therefore, it causes hiccups which are normalized after some time naturally. 

Furthermore, sometimes it’s not normal, so a person should take some steps to cure it. Are you the one who gets hiccups every time you eat or drink something? So, yes, this article is for you.

Let’s start and learn how to stop it.

Method to stop hiccups

Following are the methods that stop the hiccups of the person immediately.

1- Hold your breath for some time and take a deep breath. Do this procedure two or three times. It will surely help you to stop hiccups.

2- you can also drink a glass of water or any liquid that causes a burp. It helps in the passing of air in and out and stops hiccups.

3- some old traditions also reflected that taking some sugar will allow a person to cure hiccups immediately.

4- it’s also another old fact that giving a threat or frightening a person will help him stop hiccups. Because unconsciousness of the person will allow him to stimulate the process.

5- Gargle with lukewarm water are one of the remedies that help to prevent hiccups. Because overeating or eating fast both caused hiccups and water stabilized the situation well.

6- roll or pull on the tongue is one of the old methods to treat hiccups. 

7- but if you face many hiccups, take it seriously because it can also be the reason for some dreadful disease like cancer, stroke or tumor, etc., in the body.


Everything should be noticed when it acts abnormally. Because outside the body, a person can observe the change, but what’s going inside can only be examined from how the body and biological activity is going on. So, if you feel any abnormality consult the doctor immediately. Hiccups are one of them. If you are facing off and on, it’s not a matter to worry about, but if you are getting it after every hour or minute, it can be a sign of danger. You can follow the above steps to cure it for more details mentioned in the comments below.

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