How to make an envelope

How to make an envelope

How to make an envelope. We are making envelopes by using buttons and strings to make them more trendy and adorable. Here is the step-by-step tutorial to make them too, recycling paper and cardboard that you have at home.

How To Make An Envelope With Buttons And Twine Material

  • wrapping paper or craft paper (or cardstock)
  • black cardboard
  • double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • Circle punch
  • Round clamp dies
  • Metal eyelets
  • Eyelets pliers
  • wire


Cut a 22cm x 22cm square sheet of cardstock (you will get a 10.5cm x 18cm envelope).

Fold one side of the square inward shortly after the middle of the paper.

Now fold the left side overlapping it by half a centimeter to the one already folded.

 fold the base 1 cm upwards and then do the same with the top by folding the card downwards by 3 cm.

Now open the sheet and cut the squares in the corners. Round the flaps above and below the envelope a little.

From the black cardboard make two circles using the die and make two holes in the center to make the eyelets pass better.

Make a hole with the round die in the center of the top flap and 6 cm from the top on the front of one of the long sides of the envelope

With the special pliers fix the black circle and the eyelet in the holes prepared on the envelope. In the upper one you can pass the thread in order to anchor it together with the eyelet.

Put a strip of double-sided tape along the inside of the lower short side and inside the long side without a button and close the envelope.

With the thread draw an 8 around the buttons first below and then above to seal the envelope.

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