How to track mobile number location

How to track mobile number location

Before smartphones, a cell phone could not be located due to the lack of information and resources. How to track mobile number location Currently, we already have the tools and different methods to find lost or stolen phones. The various procedures to track a cell phone in more than 11 different ways will explain below.

Like Track a Cell Phone, there are many methods to find and locate a cell phone at a point on the plane. To use this application, you must have the person’s permission or use it with your minor child. The responsibility falls on the one who uses it.

Many users are also asking us how to spy on a cell phone, very soon we will have the tool published in the meantime, we leave you with a guide for ANDROID in the form of an application for the Tracking Cell 3TR application  [Leaving four stars and commenting on it is already activated, the app].

Track cell phone by Google Maps How to track mobile number location

This case can only be carried out on Android devices. To track a cell phone through Google Maps, we must first have our Gmail account linked to the device, and this is done by doing the following:

  1. We enter Device Manager  (from our cell phone).
  2. We enter the Gmail used in that cell phone.
  3. It is already linked.

Tracking the cell phone through Google Maps requires that the Android device be ON.

And to recover it, we must enter the same link above from a computer or other Android device and enter the mobile’s Gmail and password, and it will give us three options with which we can block and erase everything from the mobile remotely :

  • Play sound:  It will make the mobile ring so that it can be found for 5 minutes.
  • Block:  We can set a remote blocking pattern and leave a message on the mobile so that the person who finds it or has stolen it can read it.
  • Delete:  This option is for a hopeless case in which we have observed that our cell phone has already been removed from our city because once we delete it. Absolutely everything will delete.  And WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOCATE IT AGAIN, by this method at least.

What do we do if Android Device Manager: Location is not available?

What happens if the cell phone is off.

If this happens to us. We must track a turned-off cell phone or the previous tip of locating a cell phone by number.

Track a turned off the cell phone How to track mobile number location

It is the typical case when a cell phone has been stolen. And what the thieves do not know is that the IME can locate it.

How to find the IMEI number? How to track mobile number location

The IMEI code is unique for each phone number. To find this number, we just have to dial without calling: * # 06 #. And if you have an iPhone, go to “Settings” – “General” – “Information,” and there will be the IMEI code.

This is how the mobile found by IMEI would appear on the map (you also have the option to track with the phone number). If the cell phone moved, the point would also move; it takes 2 seconds to synchronize once the cell phone starts moving.

In case of losing the cell phone How to track mobile number location

You have to go to the police station of our city, with the IMEI number or the device’s purchase invoice. The legitimate owner of the device is the one who must report the loss. Then that device will disabl. And the law enforcement officers will begin their search.

Online cell phone locator

This is the online version that our website has. And the video is from one of our users that we found on YouTube.

Install the app on the cell phone you want to monitor

For this. Their excellent app call Safe365. The app is free. But it has a problem:

⚠️ To locate the other person, this person must also have Safe365 downloaded and give consent that you can track it. ⚠️

In the past year, more locator apps came to light, but it is still too early to analyze them from our perspective. We are going to see the most mature tools in this area.

Master Spy

It was initially an app for family use. Mainly as parental control. With time. Functions add. Such as spying on WhatsApp. How to track mobile number location And finally.It allowed users to link devices and know their GPS location.

GPS Satellite Track

Of all the exposed software, this is the newest but also one of the most effective. The tracking did a PC or a cell phone. How to track mobile number location And is practically 100% efficient since it tracks cell phones by satellites.

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