How to trim a beard?

How to trim a beard?

The beard is an actual “business card” for a man and says a lot about his personality. For this, before choosing how you would like to cut it, the good idea is to analyze the shape of your face and the beard styles that can harmoniously match. Even your physical characteristics can push you to make a specific choice, although nothing prevents you from experimenting with the cut that you feel most “yours”! The first step is to decide the length: long beard or short beard? Here you will find some excellent options to inspire you. In this article, we read about How to trim a beard?

Here are some beard styles for the original man who loves to amaze, those who want to renew their image, or those who prefer a more classic look. Discover them all!

Short beard styles: here are the trendiest.

If you think stubble is the best solution for you after analyzing different face shapes and beard styles, here are some modern beard cuts that you can recreate. The short beard seems simple to take care of, but if you want to give that extra touch to your image, you need to define a precise style and perform constant “maintenance.” We suggest three: the Stubble beard, the goatee, and the Van Dyke beard for the more daring.

1. “Stubble” beard

This is the definition of the hinted 3-4 day beard, apparently neglected but the result of a careful beauty routine. It is an effortless and easy-to-wear look, perfect for those with a  rounded face or those who want to make a young face more mature. How do you get the Stubble beard? Choosing the desired length (from 1 to 3 mm) and adjusting it with the help of the “beard trimmer.”

2. The goatee to trim a beard

Among the short beard styles, one cannot fail to include the goatee. There are several variations: the classic goatee or the full one, for example, are both perfect for those who want to smooth their face. The classic goatee is simple to make: cheeks, neck, and mustache must be shaved well. On the other hand, the full goatee is a classic goatee to which the mustache is added, which comes together with the beard. Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt have often been spotted wearing this look. If you want to keep a manicured eye and a short beard, have fun experimenting with these goatee styles.

3. The Van Dyke beard

One of the most celebrities sporting this beard style is actor Johnny Depp. It is a look that is built by growing a mustache and a thick goatee. The shape of the mustache is generally a “handlebar.” The Van Dyke beard is perfect for the man who has an elongated face with a pointed or protruding chin because it optically shortens and rounds the contours.

Longbeard styles: here are the most popular.

Wearing a long beard requires particular attention to maintaining both the cut and the hydration and care of the hair. If you prefer a long beard, here are some inspiring styles and many tips for original styling. Find out how to cut a long beard and choose the look that suits you best.

1. The sideburns

From cowboys to X-Men’s Wolverine, sideburns are a wish for many men. It is not an easy look to wear and, contrary to what it may seem, to have them clean and tidy, you have to take care of them consistently. How to cut sideburns?  Grow the beard to the length you want, then shave the neck and the entire middle of the chin. If, on the other hand, you prefer a less “strong” look, you can choose to combine a barely hinted beard. However, you will need to keep it shorter than the length of the sideburns to notice the cut. The whiskers have a look that gives the faces oval. 

2. “Garibaldi” beard

So-called because it is inspired by the cut sported by the famous Italian historical figure, the Garibaldi beard stands out because the final part of the medium-long beard has a typical oval and not pointed shape. On the other hand, Cheeks and whiskers must be kept neat and not too thick without covering the lips. Perfect for rounding angular or square faces.

3. “Verdi” beard

This style recalls another famous Italian historical figure, the composer Giuseppe Verdi, emblem of the true gentleman. The “Verdi ” beard consists of a thick and rounded beard combined with a well-groomed mustache turned upwards or with a handlebar. Be careful always to keep it well adjusted in the lengths otherwise. The appearance is unkempt. The Verdi beard is the perfect choice among the long beard styles for those who feel artist and out of the box.

How to best trim your beard and take care of it? 

To create the suggested looks, it is essential to have the right “tools of the trade.” Gillette has created a new complete line,  King C. Gillette, perfect for:

  • Beard trim ( King C. Gillette beard trimmer )
  • Shaving ( Clear Shaving Gel,  King C. Gillette Safety Razor  or  Neck Razor )
  • Beard care (beard, beard and face cleanser, or beard balm ).

The  King C. Gillette beard trimmer  with long-lasting sharp blades and 3 interchangeable length-adjusting combs, fits all  beard styles : very short (1mm), medium beard (3-11mm) and long beard (13-21mm)

Another indispensable ally for your beard looks is the new  neck razor , designed to  reduce shaving irritation on the face’s most sensitive parts, such as the neck and cheeks. Equipped with a precision trimmer  on the back for hard-to-reach places, it’s ideal for quickly achieving a symmetrical and flawless look. Another product of the new line is the  King C. Gillette safety razor  which, thanks to its double-edged blades, is suitable for those who want a  precise and uniform shave  on the areas around the beard and mustache. A must for an exceptional shave is the  transparent shaving gel.

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