How to clean headlights?

How to clean headlights?

This time, I would like to explain how to remove the yellowing and the fog of headlights. In recent years, the number of people who take good care of one car for a long time has increased, and the average lifespan and age of the vehicle have increased to clean headlights. As of the end of March 2020, the population has been aging for 28 consecutive years and the oldest ever for 26 straight years. It is being updated.

Many people, including those who like cars, have problems with vehicles, such as yellowing and the cloudiness of headlights. Moreover, if the headlights are severely yellowed or cloudy, they may fall off due to insufficient light intensity during the vehicle inspection.

This time, we will explain the causes of yellowing and cloudiness of car headlights and prevent them.

Causes and preventive measures for headlights to become cloudy

The number one cause of yellowing and clouding of headlights is that the headlights’ surface deteriorates due to the ultraviolet rays contained in the sunlight. Other causes include deterioration due to scratches on the headlights’ feeling and the effects of heat from the lights.

Recently, most headlights are made of polycarbonate resin, which is more susceptible to deterioration than the old glass ones.

Here are some typical causes and deterioration prevention measures.

Changes in materials used to clean headlights

What kind of material do you think of when you hear the word headlight? In the old days, headlights were made of glass, which was not easily affected by scratches and ultraviolet rays, and most cars had clear headlights. However, glass headlights gradually decreased due to problems such as danger in the event of an accident, scattering, and design. In the latter half of the 1990s, resin headlights became the mainstream.

Although it is a mainstream resin headlight, it has the disadvantage that it is more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays than glass and is easily scratched. The surface of the headlights is coated to prevent weathering and deterioration due to UV rays. However, for an extended time, the coating may be discolored or peeled off due to the effects of rubbing with wind, rain, dust, car wash, etc., or exposure to ultraviolet rays. In addition, as the resin headlights themselves deteriorate, they are more susceptible to damage, and yellowing and cloudiness are more likely to occur.

・ Scratches caused by the car wash, etc.

Did you know that car washing can cause scratches? If you do not intend to scratch it, scrubbing it firmly with a sponge or waste cloth will get fine scratches. Insects may attach to you after driving on the highway or from evening tonight, and if you use too much force to remove them, you will quickly get scratches. To prevent scratches, wash the car frequently and gently before the dirt sticks. Also, please be careful when washing the car so that there are no leftovers such as shampoo, wax, and various coating agents. If those ingredients remain, the headlight coating will deteriorate.

・ Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight

The ultraviolet rays contained in the sunlight deteriorate the headlights, causing them to turn yellow or cloud. Therefore, the headlights of cars parked in places such as garages that not exposed to the sunless likely to cause yellowing and maintain clear lights. However, depending on the parking lot environment, it may expose to direct sunlight. In such a case, you can prevent the headlights from deteriorating with little efforts, such as paying attention to the direction of parking and putting a cover on the car.

To remove yellowing and fogging to clean headlights

I have written about the causes of yellowing and fogging of headlights and prevention of deterioration, but I will write about “Then, what should I do with a car that has yellowing and fogging?”

There are many ways to remove yellowing and fog. The primary method is to scrape off the dirt on the outside and clean it by polishing it with abrasive paper such as water-resistant paper and polishing it with a compound. If you want to clean the outside, you don’t need to remove the headlights and do DIY work.

・ Polish the headlights with abrasive paper and compound

First, clean the surface of the headlights from dirt and dust before starting the polishing process. At this time, if you work without cleaning, fine sand may cause unnecessary scratches, so be sure to clean before starting work. Next, cure the area around the headlights with masking tape (curing tape). This to protect the body and prevent it from scratching during polishing.

After curing with tape, polish using abrasive paper. The count (roughness of the paper grain) to used differs depending on the degree of deterioration of the headlight. Still, it usually starts from 1000 and gradually becomes finer (1.5 times the count of the previous process). I will. The abrasive paper used generally called water-resistant paper. When using water-resistant paper, polish the entire headlight by gently rubbing it with water. Polishing with a fine paper image of smoothing the scratches in the previous process and gently polished.

After polishing with abrasive paper, polish using a compound to make the scratches more OK. The purpose of polishing with the mix is to remove fine scratches made with water-resistant paper and give it a mirror finish to prevent dirt from getting into the fine scrapes and delay the deterioration of the headlight surface again.

・ Apply headlight coating to prevent deterioration

After polishing the headlights, applying a coating agent for the headlights is vital to prevent re-deterioration. Since the headlights, after polishing, removed by scraping the original coating, they easily affected by ultraviolet rays, and yellowing and cloudiness are likely to occur again. A coating applies to protect the headlights from UV rays to prevent re-deterioration.

When the headlights are clear, the car will rejuvenate!

Yellowed or cloudy headlights can polish, polished, and coated to remove stains and regenerate into clear headlights. When the headlights are clean, the whole car looks beautiful and rejuvenated. In addition to cleaning the headlights, the entire vehicle will be clean and glossy, making your car even more attractive.

Features of Car to clean headlights

“Car Clean Headlight Cleaner” is a cleaner that cleans the yellowing of headlights. Since it is a type that does not contain abrasives, it removes yellowing cleanly without damaging the headlights. Unlike abrasive-type headlight cleaners, it does not scratch the plastic lights and does not require a polisher. Apply the undiluted solution to a sponge or waste cloth and lightly stroke it too quickly. Remove the yellowing of the morning, which will significantly reduce the work time.

“Car Clean Headlight Coating” is a headlight coating agent that removes yellowing—using it. For a lens with yellowing removed controls the occurrence of yellowing. For a long time and a higher level of brilliance.

Individuals can also remove the yellowing and cloudiness of the headlights and regenerate them into clear headlights. However, it can be difficult depending on the dirt, condition, and situation of the headlights. If you find it difficult , ask a professional contractor to restore clear, clear headlights. Then, apply a coating to the body as well. As the headlights to keep your car shining and clean and beautiful.

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