How to unblock a toilet

How to unblock a toilet

It is the worst nightmare ever to have a clogged toilet. It gives you chills down your spine, just like a horror movie. How to unblock a toilet It’s intensified when there is no plumber nearby, and you know nothing to save the day except for waiting. It would be foolish to share the causes of blockage and can cause you to vomit while reading this article.

So, Calm down and spare yourself from the unbearable horror due to the unavailability of the plumber.  

We will share a complete guide full of different ways of unblocking a clogged toilet that will help you in further processes.

Process 1: Use any cleaning detergent/ liquid

Pour a generous amount of cleaning liquid into the bowl of your WC. Let it sit and drip on its own in-depth. It is advised to leave it unused and untouched for an hour so that the clogged waste could get dissolved. After an hour, pour a bucket of water with a force to dismantle the blocked junk.

Repeat the process stated above as per need. Don’t forget to add some vinegar and baking soda to the end. It acts as an anti-bacterial and would also dissolve the clogged remains.

Process 2: Cleaning with a Cling wrap

The functionality of the cling wrap depends upon the pressure of the flow of water. If it’s high, then you can opt for a cling wrap method. 

You have to cover the bowl down to the ceramic area tightly with the cling wrap and then flush. If the flow of water is high, then it will cause the cling wrap to swell upwards. 

You have to force the swollen wrap down in the opposite direction very slowly. It is a reverse auction process. It will help to drain the clogged waste.

Process 3: Using a bottle to unblock a toilet

You can also attempt to use empty plastic to clean clogged toilets. It will get messy. It’s not easier to get your hands in the bowl of the WC. 

You need to clean the water in it with the help of a bucket. Then, you need to create a vacuum with the help of your thumb or the cover of the WC.

Now place the mouth of the bottle and start to create the vacuum by pushing strongly. It will generate pressure and will suck all clogged blockage to clear it.

Process 4: Using an iron hanger to unblock a toilet

Straighten the hanger and insert it so that it can pass in the depth of WC, clearing the blocked passageway. Push the hanger deep inside until the passage is cleared and empty.

It is the easiest way to unclog the blocked bowls. But you have to realize that it is the least successful method for cleaning the passage. Nevertheless, it can prove to be useful if accompanied by a bucket full of water. It will help to clear the path in a better way.

If you want to avoid blockage permanently, it is advised to use baking powder and half the amount of citric acid to react and clear the blockage.

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