How long does laser hair removal last?

How long does laser hair removal last


Does laser hair removal last. How long a session lasts naturally depends on the area to be treated. Hair removal on the armpits will usually take significantly less time than treatment on the legs. The treatment time can be between 15 minutes. For a facial and 2-3 hours for complete leg depilation.


Our customers often ask themselves whether laser or IPL hair removal is dangerous. You can say: “No, a treatment with laser or IPL is not dangerous if it is carried out properly by a professional.” Nevertheless, side effects such as swelling and reddening of the treated area sometimes occur immediately after laser therapy. These are usually not painful and resolved within one to three days. In very few cases, small blisters and crusts form. These must not be removed until they have healed.

If you opt for permanent hair removal, there are a few more things to keep in mind. A detailed and competent consultation must be carried out before each hair removal, in which the hair and skin type are also determined. A real expert will always say very clearly what is possible and what is not. Burns can quickly occur if the device is not set correctly (or if it is not adequately maintained). So it always makes sense to find a provider with sufficient experience with whom you feel that you are in good hands. Free, non-binding consultation appointments and test treatments often offer.

To avoid any adverse effects of the treatment on the skin, you should refrain from sunbathing and taking certain medications before the treatment, as already described above. After the individual sessions, the skin must spare. Not using perfumes or creams containing alcohol and avoiding swimming in the sea or water containing chlorine is also sensible. A moisturizing care cream can utilize for optimal care of the skin.

Permanent hair removal can even prevent some skin diseases. In the case of psoriasis or neurodermatitis, hair removal with IPL is beneficial because mechanical hair removal prevents skin irritation (which often leads to the formation of new “foci”).


How long a laser or IPL hair removal lasts already check in several studies. The studies have confirmed the effectiveness of these technologies. Only three to five percent of the test persons do not satisfy with their results. For most of them, 95% of the hair no longer grows back immediately after the treatment.

Whether permanent hair removal is forever and ever is another question. Permanent does not mean, as mistakenly believe, that the hair will never grow back. It does happen that the hair roots reactivate over time, and individual hairs grow again. This is often the case with hormonal fluctuations, for example—the case during menopause or pregnancy. The aim of permanent hair removal should be to reduce body hair significantly. In most cases, complete hair freedom can maintain with one or two treatments a year.


Permanent hair removal works best on “Snow White types,” i.e., light skin and dark hair. Since we use different technologies at Cleanskin (IPL, laser, radiofrequency, and SHR), we can also remove more golden hair. However, hair removal does not work on blonde or gray hair. Unfortunately, hair removal cannot carry out even with very dark skin types, as the contrast between skin and hair is too low.

Whether the hair removal works depends on the individual nature of the skin and hair and cannot answer quickly due to a wide variety of influencing factors. In any case, we at Cleanskin can use a complimentary analysis to assess how well hair can remove and which method is best.


There are some devices for the home in stores. These are not lasers but IPL devices. Just like the IPL hair removers used by professionals, these work with light energy. The difference the professional devices is that they do not have the same light intensity. This is why treatment at home can never achieve the same effect as treatment by a professional. The hair becomes less and more acceptable. In addition, despite the lower strength, burns can occur if the treatment does not carry out correctly. Therefore, caution advise when using such devices!
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