How to get scratches out of a glass?

How to get scratches out of a glass

Minor scratches can quickly appear on glass surfaces like smartphone displays, glass tables, or window panes. There are a ton of tricks and home remedies to remove them. We’ll show you how to remove scratches from the glass and what professionals advise.

Smartphones, tablets, or the glass table in the living room are exposed to a lot of stress during daily use. The cell phone is often carelessly thrown in the pocket, remote controls, and glasses moved around on the glass table. Unsightly scratches can happen quickly. With a few tricks, you can remove such scratches from the glass. In this guide, you can find out which home remedies are available, what they are good and what experts recommend, and how to get scratches off the glass table or window panes.

Preparation: clean the glass before treatment

So that you don’t scratch the glass even more, it is essential to clean it properly before the treatment. Therefore, no glass splinters, dirt particles, or grease should be left behind.

In doing so, some mistakes can be made that lead to even more scratches. To prevent this from happening, you should avoid the following things:

  • Cleaning agents with abrasive particles, for example, scouring milk or ceramic hob cleaner
  • Use of all-purpose chemical cleaners
  • Coarse cleaning rags or steel sponges
  • Metal window pullers
  • Apply too much pressure on the glass when cleaning
  • Rings on hands

The best way to clean it is to use fine cotton or microfiber cloth and some water. 

Smartphone display: home remedies for minor scratches

You can also use home remedies to remove minor blemishes, for example, on the smartphone or tablet display. Many of them have a grinding and polishing effect similar to that of glass polish. You fill the crack with other means.

Not all home remedies are equally promising. You won’t get rid of more extensive scratches with them. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to the most popular tricks:

  • Clear nail polish

You can make scratches in the glass invisible again with clear nail polish. In contrast to baking soda and toothpaste, the glass is not “sanded down” here, but the crack is filled.

Here, however, you need a little talent to achieve success: The nail polish must be applied very finely to the scratch and left in for about an hour. In doing so, it should not come into contact with the entire surface. If you do, use nail polish remover and a cotton swab to remove it.

  • Cigarette ash and alcohol

That cigarette ash is still good for something? Who would have thought that, but it should also be able to remove minor glass scratches?

This is how it works: Mix the ash and spirit into a pulp and work the crack for a few minutes with the cotton cloth. Then rinse again with water and rub dry. It is best to wear rubber gloves when doing this work.

Remove deeper glass scratches with Canada balsam.

Deeper scratches in the glass can fill with tree resin, also known as Canada balsam. It obtains from the resin bubbles of the balsam fir, a conifer that is native to northeastern America. If the balm dries, it becomes transparent. The tree resin often uses to cement lenses or preserve microscope specimens because, when cures, it has refractive properties similar to those of glass.

Fill the crack with the resin, making sure that no air bubbles traps. Carefully wipe off excess wax and let it dry. Once it has hardened, the interface with the glass will be almost invisible. If you want to fix a heavily scratched glass table, we advise against this method, as you have to treat each scratch individually.

Remove glass scratches on the glass table.

In the case of an expensive glass table or expensive furniture with glass inserts, for example, glass cabinets, we advise against using home remedies. In these cases, it is better to use a professional glass polish. The above means may be helpful to save scratched smartphone displays. However, it would help if you refrained from using these methods with high-quality glass surfaces.

This is how you can remove glass scratches with glass polish:

  • Thoroughly cleans the glass table with a damp microfiber cloth and then dries it off. No dust residues, crumbs, or the like should remain on the glass plate.
  • You have to mix fine polish with water beforehand according to the instructions for use. Shake the liquid polish vigorously beforehand.
  • Now apply the polish to the damaged area in circular movements with a polishing felt. How long you have to do this can find in the manufacturer’s information.
  • Finally, wipe off the polishing agent with a damp cloth. Finally, cleans the surface, for example, with a standard glass cleaner.

If you have several scratches or don’t feel comfortable polishing yourself, you should rely on the expertise of a specialist.
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